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Myanmar National League for Democracy announces the appointment of four interim ministers

by YCPress

March 2nd local time, the Parliamentary Representative Committee of the Union of Myanmar (CRPH), led by the National League for Democracy of Myanmar, issued an announcement that four interim ministers were appointed to temporarily replace the relevant responsibilities because the ministers appointed by the former government could not perform their duties after the military took over power.

Among them, Duzinmaang was appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wu Lungara was appointed as the Minister of the Presidential Palace and the Minister of the Federal Government, Wu Dingtun was also appointed as the Minister of Planning, Finance and Industry, the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations, and the Minister of Commerce, and Dr. Zweisuo also served as the Minister of Labor, Immigration and Human Resources, Education, Health and Sports.

â–³Official document of the Council of Representatives of the Parliament of the Union of Myanmar (CRPH) appoints four interim ministers

The Federal Assembly Representative Committee was formed on February 5 by more than 300 NLD members who won the 2020 Myanmar general election. These members were detained by the military on February 1 and released on 3.

They were sworn in on February 4 and formed a Federal Parliament Representative Committee against the military on February 5. T

ake over power and refuse to recognize the state management committee established by the military. It is understood that the NLD-led Federal Assembly Representative Committee is planning to form an “interim government” to compete with the military-led National Management Committee.

Myanmar held national elections in November 2020, and the NLD won more than 80% of the seats in the federal parliament.

After the election, the Myanmar military believed that there was fraud in the general election, asked the Federal Election Commission to investigate, and postponed the convening of a new Federal Parliament, but it was rejected.

Myanmar’s presidential palace announced on February 1 that it would transfer state power to the commander-in-chief of the National Defense Forces, Min Aung-lai, and Myanmar entered a one-year “state of emergency”.

1 February, Min-Ang-le announced the reappointment of 11 ministers, including the Foreign Minister, and asked 24 deputy ministers to resign.