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Musk shouted at Bezos: If you want to dominate the space race, spend less time bathing in hot water

Musk shouted at Bezos: If you want to dominate the space race, spend less time bathing in hot water

Musk and Bezos. ( AFP)

According to the New York Post on the 15th, the richest man in the world shouted to the world’s second richest man: You should work hard. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that if Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wants to dominate the space race, he needs to spend more time working for his space company Blue Origin and less time soaking in hot baths.

“He seems unwilling to devote his mind to the details of the project,” Musk said in an interview with the Financial Times published on Wednesday. “Details determine success or failure.”

Musk added that although Bezos has “quite good engineering talent”, he “does take himself too seriously”.

In some ways, I want to motivate him to spend more time on the origin of blue, so that they can make more progress. As a friend of mine said, he should spend more time on the origin of blue and less time soaking in a hot bath in the bathtub.

Unlike Bezos’s lifestyle, which is considered “lazy”, Musk claims that he works 7 days a week, a total of 80 to 90 hours, supervising Tesla and SpaceX projects.

According to Forbes magazine, Musk is currently worth about $2520 billion, while Bezos is worth $150 billion. Musk has teased Bezos’ net assets in the past, and responded to Bezos with a silver emoji on Twitter in October, apparently referring to their asset rankings.

In addition, Musk also accused the National Transportation Safety Commission of unfairly investigating Tesla’s accident, fire and self-driving function in an interview.

I think they pursue headlines more than real security. This is obviously an act that I won’t respect and should not be respected. Musk said.

The billionaire also attacked traditional car manufacturers, accusing them of not taking Tesla seriously initially and catching up with the trend of electric vehicles too late.

Musk said, “For a long time, other companies in the automotive industry have basically said that Tesla and I are fools or liars. They say that electric vehicles do not work and cannot achieve endurance mileage and some performance. Even if it is realized, no one will buy it.”

He added: “We basically run Tesla out of a desperate struggle, not because we think it will bring profits, but to prove that it can be done.”

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