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Musk invited Putin to express only "interesting"

Musk invited Putin to express only “interesting”

by YCPress

Musk, who has a difficult future, invited Putin to join Clubhouse, in part to attract more attention.

“It’s a very interesting proposal.” This is Putin’s statement revealed by media such as CNBC.

In response to Tesla CEO Musk’s invitation to Putin to Clubhouse on Twitter.

It was not the Russian President himself, but the Kremlin spokesman Peskov who responded.

Clubhouse is an audio social software born in March 2020.

The software allows users to create open or private “rooms”. In the room, the guest speaks, and the other audience in the room listens.

If the audience wants to speak, he can raise his hand to be a guest, and then ask questions or speak.

At the end of January this year, Musk tweeted that he would open a room in Clubhouse.

As a result, the software became popular, and the stock price soared.

The Kremlin’s response, on the one hand, praised Musk – the proposal to invite Putin to join was “interesting”, and Peskov said first, “We must first understand the situation.

Everyone knows that President Putin does not use social media directly.

He himself does not run a social media account.

Uncle Hai wants to say that Peskov’s response on behalf of Putin is still full of goodwill to Musk. After all, he immediately said, “We must also understand what this means, the details of the proposal, etc.”

This shows that the Kremlin is not without interest in Clubhouse. As the president of Russia, Putin does not directly use social media.

This point is very different from former U.S. President Donald Trump, who is called “Twitter governance”.

Nowadays, even in the Western world, which has always boasted freedom of expression, many people have begun to reflect on whether Trump’s Twitter governance is free speech or abuse of so-called personal freedom!

But then again, even if Musk’s Twitter invitation is directly @Kremlin, Peskov has every reason to believe that the Kremlin can choose to add an official Clubhouse social account, and of course he has the right not to choose.

Musk has not only been angry by himself recently, but also has brought a lot of things.

As soon as he was on the platform of Clubhouse, the share price of Clubhouse soared wildly.

Another thing is about “currency issuance”. Twitter users left a message to Musk: It is suggested to develop a new “ElonCoin” and provide it to non-main holders of existing dog coins to invalidate their wallets.

February 17, he also replied to netizens that there must be Martian coins.

At a time when Bitcoin is rising wildly, Musk’s words really make many people dream of new wealth dreams.

Musk also challenged the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The website of the British Daily Mail reported that “Elon Musk announced his grand plan to send human beings to Mars by 2026 – seven years before NASA”.

The analysis of the report believes that once Musk succeeds, he will establish a Martian civilization and reuse rockets, which will ensure the continuation of human life on Mars.

Can Musk, who plays cards according to common sense, really succeed? Of course, it is very difficult.

At February 16, Musk’s Space Exploration Company’s 60 Star Chain Satellite was launched on the Falcon 9 rocket and successfully entered orbit. However, the Falcon 9 first-class rocket failed to recover and fall into the sea in this mission.

“It’s a shame that we failed to recover the Falcon 9 first-stage thruster, but the second-stage rocket was working properly and the mission was successful,” said Jessica Anderson, the company engineer.

It can be seen that Musk, who has a difficult road ahead, invited Putin to join Clubhouse, is to some extent attracting more attention.

Only in this way can more energy be integrated.

Only by integrating more energy from all aspects can more opportunities be obtained.

Only by getting more opportunities, including his dream of Mars, can we be closer to the goal achieved.