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Multiple vaccination sites in New York, USA, closed due to coronavirus vaccine shortages

by YCPress

January 17th –┬áThe continuous increase in COVID-19 cases in New York, the United States, has led to a shortage of vaccines in the city, and the vaccines at Brooklyn vaccination sites have been exhausted.

A mass vaccination site in New York City has been closed for two consecutive days due to insufficient supply of a coronavirus vaccine, the New York Post reported.

And a Brooklyn vaccination site, which was only open for a few days this week, was closed because the vaccine was exhausted. A spokeswoman said Saturday (16th) that the city hopes to reopen the vaccination site as soon as possible.

At the same time, the same problem also occurs in other regions. Mount Sinai Hospital has canceled vaccine appointments through the 12th due to insufficient vaccine supplies, and the New York University Langone Health Center has stopped scheduling new vaccines.

A spokeswoman for New York University Langoney said on the 16th, “We don’t know when there will be more [vaccines].”

The distribution of the vaccine is controlled by the state, and New York Governor Cuomo called on the federal government to provide more vaccines. He said: “We are working hard to get eligible New Yorkers to get the vaccine fairly as soon as possible.” He also said that New York State is expected to get 250,000 doses of vaccine this week.

In addition, as of the morning of the 16th, the vaccine distributed to nursing homes was not included, and a total of 772,399 doses of vaccines had been distributed throughout New York State.

New York City Mayor de Blasio said that without a new vaccine supply, the city will run out of vaccines next week. Amid supply shortage, New York has seen another highly infectious variant of COVID-19, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 17.

And the number of COVID-19 cases among New York City students and school staff has also increased significantly, and now it has exceeded 10,000.

At present, medical workers, people over 65 years old, teachers, police, transportation workers, etc. can be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. A spokesman for the New York City Department of Health said they needed to provide relevant proof at the vaccination site.

It is reported that the city has rejected some ineligible vaccination applicants, but declined to disclose the specific figures.