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Multiple "coupes" impact the "alm of democracy" in the United States

Multiple “coupes” impact the “alm of democracy” in the United States

by YCPress

January 6th local time, people around the world were inevitably shocked when a group of Trump supporters rushed into the U.S. Capitol and forced the two members of the two councilors who were certifying the results of the votes of the state electoral college to suspend the meeting, “shelter in place” and even heard gunfire that killed people.

Although everyone was psychologically prepared for the election boycott results of Trump and his supporters, it is somewhat shocking to have come this far.

Shouldn’t this happen often in other countries and then be condemned or interfered by the “alm of democracy” of the United States? So someone called for it: Please liberate the United States from the tyranny of the United States!

Some people call it a “coup”. If you define a coup in terms of changing the regime in an unconventional way, it is obvious that this is a multiple “coup”.

In addition to Trump supporters who rushed into the Capitol to try to deny Biden’s election, Trump himself’s insistence not to recognize the election and inciting supporters to gather are also “coupes”, and some cabinet members who can’t stand Trump are trying to invoke the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to force Trump to go down, CNN reports. Taiwan is also a form of “coup”.

As we all know, the change of regime in the United States has a set of explicit provisions and unstipulation but conventional practices. Because of this, the constitutional rule of the United States presidential election can only be regarded as a real dust if it comes to congressional certification.

However, in fact, the result is basically determined when the media announces the vote at the end of the vote, and the winner can begin to accept congratulations from opponents and foreign leaders and form Ji’s team is ready to take over power.

But this set of practices cannot be separated from the political, economic and cultural “soil” accumulated by the United States over the years.

In the United States, these “soils” have been facing serious “soil erosion” over the years, thus disintegrating the cornerstone of the “alm of democracy” in the United States bit by little.

First of all, the huge middle class serves as the political basis of rational peace. The middle class is regarded as “perseverance of the productive”.

While often having a natural preference for social stability and order, it is also more sensitive to social justice and inequality, which makes it easier for them to maintain a more middle and rational position between conservative huge rich and radical extreme poverty.

However, in recent years, due to the reconfiguration of the global division of labor system caused by globalization, the American elite has made huge profits while throwing many middle classes into the ranks of “losers”, many of whom have become loyal supporters of Trump and are also the vanguards of this shock to Capitol Hill.

Secondly, the political consensus and tolerance between the two parties.

As the two major parties that monopolize the political power of the United States, although they have different political opinions, their interests in maintaining the current American system are the same, which also determines that they are tolerant of regime changes caused by the election.

Even if they step down immediately, they should respect the election results and make peace. Get ready. Therefore, the outgoing President of the United States will not make major decisions to avoid constraining the next president.

Even if there is a disagreement over the election, it can stop at the last minute, as Gore finally chose to concede to George W. Bush in the equally controversial election in 2000.

However, the current political polarization in the United States is becoming more and more obvious. Not only is the whole society divided, but also many senior Republican officials have come forward to challenge the election results this time.

Both parties seem to be increasingly kidnapped by extremists within the party, and if this trend is not reversed, the future of democracy in the United States is worrisome.

Finally, it is the sense of responsibility and honor of political leaders. The current political chaos in the United States is largely the result of Trump’s personal choice, and his personal characteristics are completely contrary to the traditional presidential image.

In the occupation of Capitol Hill, former Presidents Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama all stood up to condemn it.

After Biden came to power, many Americans are also expecting the President of the United States to return to “normal”. But it’s not these “expectations” that really determine the president of the United States, but the angry votes.

Will Trump really be the last “extraordinic” president? Remember, he has won more than 70 million votes in the just-concluded general election. If the Democrats fail in the next four years, who can deny that this Trump or another “Trump” will not make a comeback?

It can be imagined that the coup will not change the election vote results, but will further shake the “alm of democracy” of the United States.

Is it to repair or continue to tear? It is a question that needs to be thought about after the occupiers are driven out of the Capitol Hill.