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Multi-national demonstrations in Europe turn into riots! Nearly 100 police officers in Berlin were injured and 354 arrested

by YCPress

May 3 2021 On May Day, many European countries held rallies and marches to celebrate the holiday, but some demonstrations against pandemic prevention restrictions turned violent. Riots in Berlin, Germany, injured 93 police officers and arrested 354 violators. Violent clashes also broke out between demonstrators and police in Belgium and France.

Berlin riots: 93 police officers injured 354 arrested

Police in Berlin, Germany, said 93 police officers were injured and 354 violators arrested during riots during the May Day rally.

Earlier reports said police had arrested 240 people and injured more than 30 officers. On Tuesday morning, Berlin Interior Ministry lawmaker Geisel said the number of injured police officers rose to 93, the number of arrests by the police reached 354.

On May 1st, Labour Day, Berlin held more than 20 rallies and marches, most of them to celebrate May Day, but also to protest against the government’s security measures. The biggest rally was in the New Kern district. The rally began around 17:00 local time and began an hour and a half later, with participants violating pandemic prevention restrictions by not observing social distances.

As some of the participants did not observe the social distance during the march, the police divided the procession into small groups and tried to control the flow of people, but at about 20:25, the situation got out of control and there was clashes between police and civilians. Police arrested violators after some burned bins and planks and threw stones and beverage bottles at the police.

According to preliminary information provided by the police, nearly 10,000 people took part in the May Day parade in Berlin.

Belgium: 132 violators arrested in protest against the blockade

Belgian authorities 2, police in the capital Brussels, a park, the use of tear gas and water cannon trucks to disperse the banned anti-pandemic blockade measures, a total of 132 violators arrested.

Riot police on the 1st strong dispersal of the crowd, a protester was knocked down by the water cannon truck water column, and 14 others were slightly injured. The park had similar activities a month ago.

Police said five of the 132 protesters arrested were in police custody. After clashes with protesters, three police officers were taken to hospital and more than 10 people were slightly injured.

Between 1,000 and 2,000 people, mainly young people, gathered online to protest against restrictions imposed to combat the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Belgian Prime Minister De Croix urged people not to participate in the event. Before the protests began, 600 riot police, a large number of water cannons and police teams were deployed in the park to maintain order.

Paris: Demonstrations turn violent Thousands of police officers maintain order

In Paris, France, May Day demonstrations also turned violent, with clashes between police and demonstrators.

After 14 o’clock local time on the 1st, the traditional May Day parade began in Paris. Representatives of trade unions and youth organizations, representatives of the Socialist Party and the Communist Party, as well as supporters of the “Yellow Horse” movement, took part in the march.

BFMTV television reported that about 5,000 police officers were responsible for keeping the march in order.

Police reportedly used tear gas to disperse the marchers after they again began throwing glass bottles, firecrackers and fireworks at law enforcement officials. Black Block, a radical hooligan group, also joined the march.

According to the General Trade Union, about 300 May Day events are expected to be held throughout France. The French government estimates that about 100,000 people across the country will take part in the march.