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The town of Minda in Chin Bang, Myanmar, has been under military control since the 13th

More than a dozen explosions occurred in myanmar on the 5th day, injuring many people

by YCPress

May 5, local time, more than a dozen explosions occurred in Naypyitu, Mujie, Yangon and other places in Myanmar, many people were injured in the blast.

At about 7.30 a.m., an explosion occurred in the bin Mana township of Naypyig, myanmar’s capital, near a teahouse, injuring a police officer. At about 10 a.m., an explosion also occurred at an agricultural school in Binmana. Police in Naypyidha have cordoned off the area around the blast site and stepped up checks on vehicles leaving Naypyidu.

At about 7 o’clock, three mine explosions occurred in the northern trading city of Musi, with no casualties reported.

The city with the most bombings in Myanmar that day was Yangon. At about 0500 hours a bomb exploded in front of the house of a member of the People’s Pioneer Party in the town of Leydaya. That morning, a bus exploded near Degon University in Yangon. Between 1930 and 2000 hours, six explosions occurred near a secondary school in the Dame township of Yangon, near a school in the town of Mingaraton, near the town of Dingan, and near a shopping mall in the town of Yangon. There were no immediate reports of casualties in the series of explosions.

At about 2200 hours an explosion occurred in yangon and South Ograba townships in Yangon, followed by three bombs exploding near Lake Gandokki in Yangon. A well-known Burmese fighter has been taken to a nearby hospital after being seriously injured in an explosion near Lake Gandokki.