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South African President: South Africa may usher in a fourth wave of coronavirus in the coming weeks

More than 3.77 million cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in Africa. Some countries promote vaccination.

by YCPress

February 17th – According to the data released by the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the 17th, the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Africa has reached 3,77,2561, the total number of 99,430 deaths, and the total number of 332,739 cured cases has been cured.

Botswana, South Africa and other countries promote coronavirus vaccination.

According to local media reports on the 17th, Botswana’s Minister of Health and Health Dicolotti said recently that Botswana plans to start the vaccination of the novel coronavirus within one month and complete the universal vaccination by the end of this year.

Botswana is expected to receive a vaccine from the COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Plan within a month and through the African Union between April and October, he said. The country is also consulting with vaccine manufacturers to increase vaccine procurement channels.

South Africa began to vaccinate medical staff at Kayelica Hospital in Cape Town at noon on the 17th, which means that the country’s coronavirus vaccination is officially launched.

South African President Ramaphosa and Health Minister Mukez were vaccinated on the same day.

The vaccination in South Africa is a coronavirus vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson.

The vaccine arrived in South Africa on the night of the 16th and has been distributed to 18 vaccination sites across South Africa.

Mukez said recently that the effectiveness of Johnson & Johnson vaccine against the mutant novel coronavirus found in South Africa is 57% and can effectively prevent critical and fatal cases.

The European Union provided 58 million euros in aid to Zambia on the 17th to help the country fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

The Gambian Ministry of Health announced on the 17th that in order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the Gambian government will suspend the issuance of police permits for various social gatherings such as music festivals and political gatherings from March 8, and will issue relevant detailed rules in due course.

Zimbabwean media reported on the 17th that Zimbabwean government officials said that the mutant novel coronavirus found in South Africa has a higher lethal rate and spread more rapidly, and the number of cases infected with the mutant virus has accounted for 61% of new coronavirus cases in Zimbabwe.