Home LifestyleHealth More than 20,000 new cases were confirmed in Italy. Officials urged compliance with measures to avoid a rebound in the epidemic.
More than 20,000 new cases were confirmed in Italy. Officials urged compliance with measures to avoid a rebound in the epidemic.

More than 20,000 new cases were confirmed in Italy. Officials urged compliance with measures to avoid a rebound in the epidemic.

by YCPress

December 5 According to a European Union News Agency quoted by the European Network, Italy reported 24,099 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus on the 4th.

Recently, the government announced the next stage of epidemic prevention measures to strengthen control during festivals. In response, the Minister of Health said that only by implementing strict measures can the epidemic rebound after the New Year be avoided and favorable conditions for the promotion of vaccination in 2021.

On the 4th local time, the Italian Ministry of Civil Defense reported 24,099 new confirmed cases and 814 new deaths. As of 18:00 local time on the 4th, Italy has confirmed a total of 168,939 cases, 58,852 deaths, 757,702 existing cases and 872,385 cured cases.

According to reports, the latest epidemic prevention decree issued by the Italian authorities shows that from December 21, 2020 to January 6, 2021, people will be prohibited from traveling across regions; on December 25, 26, 2020 and January 1, 2021, people will be banned from traveling across cities; and will continue at 22:00 p.m. every night. National curfew until 5 a.m. the next day; ski resorts are closed until January 6, 2021.

The new decree stipulates that Italy will continue to take hierarchical prevention and control measures and continue to implement the three-level epidemic risk system, including yellow epidemic low-risk areas, orange epidemic risk areas and red epidemic high-risk areas. Restaurants in low-risk areas can be open by 18 o’clock, and restaurants in medium-risk areas are only allowed to provide take-out services. To avoid queues and crowds, stores across the country can be open until 21 p.m.

Air Italy issued an announcement on the 4th that from December 8, passengers traveling from Rome to New York, the United States, will be tested for the virus, and passengers who have tested negative results can be allowed to board the plane. Before boarding the plane, passengers must present a certificate of virus detection within 48 hours or be tested for the virus at the airport. Passengers from the United States arrive at Rome airport and need to be retested for the virus before entering the country.

According to the report, in response to Italy’s stricter prevention and control measures during Christmas and New Year’s holidays, Health Minister Speranza said that only by implementing strict epidemic prevention measures can we avoid a resurgence of the epidemic after the New Year and create favorable conditions for promoting vaccination in 2021. So as to lay a good foundation for the comprehensive resumption of production and operation activities.

Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dimayo said on the 4th that Italy’s new deaths in the past 24 hours have reached an all-time high since the outbreak of the epidemic. Now the first concern is how to control the epidemic, reduce the number of patients more effectively, and better protect the elderly and healthy vulnerable groups.

Dimayor pointed out that the strict epidemic prevention measures at Christmas and New Year inevitably affect people’s lives and festive atmosphere, and even make it impossible for some families to reunite. However, we must be soberly aware that nearly a thousand families are suffering from the loss of their loved ones every day. In order to reduce the pain of losing loved ones and prevent the spread of the epidemic, it is understandable to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, which is also the value of respecting life.