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More than 2,000 new cases were added in a single day. The Japanese government urged the public to wear masks

by YCPress

November 20. According to Japanese media reports on the 19th, Japan has newly confirmed cases of Coronavirus Pandemic in a single day, which has exceeded 2,000 cases for two consecutive days, breaking the highest record. When it comes to the development trend of the Pandemic, Japan’s economic regeneration is quite “only God knows”. The government has repeatedly urged people to wear masks on various occasions, strictly implement Pandemic prevention measures, and produced posters to warn people that “you will die without wearing a mask”.

Japan’s Fuji TV station reported that on the 19th, Japan added 2,386 confirmed cases in a single day, and the number of deaths rose to 21 that day. Hokkaido added 266 new cases on the 19th, reaching the largest increase. Sapporo, the largest city in Hokkaido, saw a daily increase of more than 100 cases for 11 consecutive days. Sapporo City held a press conference and stated that since November, local hospitals, welfare facilities and other collective infections have occurred frequently, severely ill patients have surged, and the number of hospitalized patients has continued to rise.

A poster produced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Japan printed “I will die without wearing a mask” (Yomiuri Shimbun)

On the 19th, there were more than 500 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus Pandemic in Tokyo, which set a new high in the local area. In view of the continued deterioration of the Pandemic, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government officially announced on the 19th that it will raise the local alert level of the new Coronavirus Pandemic to the highest level. This is the second time Tokyo has raised the alert level of Coronavirus Pandemic to the highest level. On the 18th, the number of new cases in Osaka, Japan’s second largest city, exceeded 300 for the first time.

Speaking of the current Pandemic in Japan, Japan’s economic regeneration minister Yasuhiro Nishimura said that the number of confirmed cases in Japan has doubled within two or three days. Although the number of confirmed cases has not reached an outbreak, the situation is already very serious from the perspective of the number of confirmed cases, and there must be a strong sense of crisis. To respond. A reporter asked how the government speculated about the extent of new cases in a single day. Nishimura responded that it is difficult to predict, “Only God knows how far the Pandemic will go.”

Yoshihide Suga emphasized “wear a mask to eat” at the press conference (Hokkaido Shimbun)

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga urged at a press conference on the 19th: “I beg you to wear masks and eat quietly as required. I will also implement Pandemic prevention measures from today.” The Japanese government recently opened an exhibition “Chiba” in Chiba City. Counties and the Pandemic-repeated threats”. Toyokawa Koyu, the head of the exhibition, said: “No matter what stage of medical progress, the Pandemic will continue to repeat. Wearing masks and washing hands frequently, in any era, personal Pandemic prevention actions are the most important.”