Home Politics More than 160 people were arrested in demonstrations in many parts of France.
The suspect in the southern French shooting that killed two people has been captured by police after fleeing for four days

More than 160 people were arrested in demonstrations in many parts of France.

by YCPress

December 12

Demonstrations took place in several cities in France on the 12th, and at least 164 demonstrators were arrested.

According to French media reports, demonstrations were held in many places in France, including Paris, Lyon, Montpellier and other cities, on the same day to oppose the government’s recently proposed Act on the Overall Security Act.

Demonstrators asked the government to delete section 24 of the Holistic Security Act.

According to the statistics of the French Ministry of the Interior, more than 26,000 people participated in the demonstrations in France that day. In Paris and other places, batterers appeared in the parade crowd, and the police arrested at least 164 people.

It is reported that there was a clash between the police and demonstrators in Lyon, and the police used tear gas.

The French government recently introduced the bill on the Holistic Security Act and submitted it to Parliament for consideration. Article 24 of the bill punishes maliciously spreading the image of the police and gendarmerie and disclosing their facial features and identity information.

The recent violent police law enforcement incident in France has exacerbated the dissatisfaction of French public opinion with the relevant provisions of the Act on Overall Security. Since November 28, there have been continuous demonstrations in many cities in France.