Home Politics More than 130,000 people in France participated in the demonstration. At least 81 people were arrested by the police.
The suspect in the southern French shooting that killed two people has been captured by police after fleeing for four days

More than 130,000 people in France participated in the demonstration. At least 81 people were arrested by the police.

by YCPress

November 30th Comprehensive report: On the 28th local time, more than 130,000 people demonstrated across France against the “Integral Security Law” and violent police law enforcement. Some demonstrators clashed with the police, and at least 81 people were arrested that day. The French Interior Minister said 98 police officers were injured, calling the violence “unacceptable” and said that the people concerned would be held accountable.

“Aleppo comes back to me”

According to the report, the 28th was the first day of France’s relaxation of epidemic prevention and blockade measures. According to the statistics of the French Interior, demonstrations took place in 70 cities across France that day, with a total of more than 130,000 participants, while the organizers said that 500,000 people participated in the demonstrations nationwide.

During the protests in Paris, a pub was reportedly lit, cars were burned, and protesters threw stones at security forces, who responded with tear gas.

Among the injured were a Syrian photographer. AFP photo shows Amir Al-Halby, 24, with a blue face and a large part of his head wrapped in bandages. Al-Halby is said to be a freelance photographer and employed by AFP and a magazine.

“We are shocked by the harm suffered by our colleague Amir Al-Halby, and we condemn this unprovoked violence,” said Phil Chetwind, AFP Global News Director, who asked the police to investigate the incident.

Al-Halbi was reportedly trapped for hours after suffering a head injury and was unable to go to the hospital. He said that this experience reminded him of what happened in his hometown of Aleppo. “Last night, Aleppo came back to me.”

French police said 81 people were arrested in the protest. Interior Minister Dalmanen said that the violence was “unacceptable”. Dalmanen said on social media that 98 police officers were injured in the protest, adding that “the people behind the violence will be held accountable.”

Two controversial incidents in a week

It is reported that the demonstration is related to the recent introduction of the “Integral Security Law” by the French government. Article 24 of the bill punishes maliciously spreading the image of the police and gendarmerie and disclosing their facial features and identity information. French public opinion has different views on this clause.

The bill was recently passed by the French National Assembly and awaits Senate review. However, due to the great pressure of public opinion, the government has announced that it has requested the Independent Commission to rewrite the draft involved.

In addition, in the past week, there have been two controversial police law enforcement cases in France, which are considered to be one of the “fuses” of the demonstration.

According to French media reports, black music producer Michelle Zecker was found by the police without a mask on the streets of Paris on the 21st of this month. He tried to return to his studio to escape punishment. Three policemen immediately entered the studio and clashed with him. Surveillance videos show that three policemen beat Zekler. Zekler did not show violent resistance.

This incident has aroused strong concern in French society about violent police law enforcement and racial discrimination. At present, several police officers involved have been suspended and under investigation. The Supreme Prosecutor of Paris said on the 29th that the police involved will face charges for alleged use of violence and racial discrimination.

Another incident occurred on the evening of the 24th local time. When dismantling the emergency shelter for refugees in central Paris, the Paris police used tear gas and flash bombs to clear the field and shake the tents until the people inside could not stand and fall out. There were also police who drove refugees with sticks or kicked them who refused to leave and attacked journalists who went to interview, injuring many refugees and journalists. .

French Interior Minister Dalmanen said he was “shocked” after seeing the relevant pictures and said that he had ordered the police to conduct an internal investigation.

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