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Montenegro's China's Made Coronavirus vaccine arrived

Montenegro’s China’s Made Coronavirus vaccine arrived

by YCPress

Ambassador Liu said that the vaccines purchased by the black side and the vaccine donated by the Chinese side two months ago carried the friendship between the people of Chinese and Montenegro, reflected the traditional friendly relations between China and Montenegro, and demonstrated China’s commitment to “treat vaccines as a global public good”.

The task of preventing and controlling the current outbreak in Montenegro remains daunting, and front-line workers, including medical personnel, are doing their best. At the same time, the tourism season, which is very important for Montenegro’s economic recovery, is approaching. We hope that the vaccine will play a role in the fight against the epidemic in Montenegro, and we are happy to call on all parties to lend a helping hand in a timely manner.

Because the international community is a community of destiny, international cooperation must be strengthened in order to overcome the epidemic. I wish and believe that the people of Montenegro will be able to overcome the epidemic at an early date!

Ambassador Liu stressed that all China’s long-standing help and cooperation with Montenegro is a sincere and friendly act, not a “malicious practice” accused;

Bo said that this batch of vaccines is montenegro to date the single largest vaccine delivery, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Chinese leaders, the Chinese government and people on behalf of Montenegro Prime Minister Krivo Kapic.

China has also donated 30,000 doses of Coronavirus vaccine to Montenegro, which is of great significance, and the traditional friendship and good cooperation between the two countries have been fully demonstrated.