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Mongolia will extend the state of public alert in the capital and other places

by YCPress

Ulaanbaatar, November 29 The Mongolian government announced on the 29th that it would extend the full civilian police commandment in the capital Ulaanbaatar City, Selenge and Houhangai provinces to 6 o’clock on December 11 to consolidate the achievements in the fight against the epidemic.

Sodbatel, Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia and Chairman of the National Emergency Committee, said on the same day that the COVID-19 epidemic in Mongolia is relatively complex, but it has been effectively contained. In order to consolidate the achievements of the fight against the epidemic and scientifically and effectively carry out the next step, Mongolia will implement different levels of alert according to the epidemic situation from December 1. Among them, in Ulaanbaatar, Selengge Province, where the number of confirmed cases are relatively concentrated, and Houhangai Province, which reported the first local confirmed cases on the same day, the whole police’s alert was implemented until 6:00 on December 11.

During the period of full civilian police restraint, the people in these areas must strictly abide by the relevant regulations. At the same time, food stores, supermarkets, grain and oil markets, gas stations, pharmacies, hospitals, and water supply, power supply, heating, telecommunications, news and other departments will operate normally.

Soderbatel also announced that from 6 o’clock on December 1, in areas where there is no outbreak or complete control of the epidemic, the disaster prevention alert level will be lowered to the highest alert level.

According to the Ministry of Health of Mongolia on the 29th, 24 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the past 24 hours, with a total of 784 confirmed cases, including 352 confirmed cases in China; 354 cases cured cases; and no deaths. Houhang Ai Province reported 2 confirmed cases in China for the first time.

On the 11th, the National Emergency Committee of Mongolia announced that it was in full civilian police order from 0600 hours on the 12th to 0600 hours on the 17th, and decided to extend this state of state to 0600 hours on December 1.

Mongolia’s national defense disaster alert level is divided into three levels, from high to low, the state of alert state of the whole civilian police, the highest state of alert and the state of alert.