Home Business “Money politics”, the scourge of the failure of American democracy
"Money politics", the scourge of the failure of American democracy

“Money politics”, the scourge of the failure of American democracy

by YCPress

The buzzing 2020 U.S. election still has some “interludes” from time to time, and it seems that there are still variables before the day the dust is really settled. The election seems to have ignited the enthusiasm of some “centi cents” in China.

They began to make “inspiring chicken soup” from some politicians and kneel down to American democracy again.

So what is the truth? Not to mention that the “donkey elephant battle” has become a fixed routine of democratic elections in the United States, “democratic elections” themselves have long changed in the United States.

If racial discrimination and the gap between rich and poor are chronic diseases in today’s American society, then the “democratic election” is only a temporary “pasic” and a cure for the symptoms rather than the root causes.

Today’s election in the United States has long deviated from the original intention of expressing voters’ will, determining policy direction and selecting qualified leaders, and has become a game of “money politics”.

“To win the election, I need two things, one is money, the second is I can’t remember it.

Every time in the United States elections, the words of campaign expert Mark Hanna more than 100 years ago are always quoted repeatedly by the media. This sentence was strongly confirmed again in the 2020 election.

The U.S. non-partisan institutional response political center estimates that the 2020 U.S.

election will cost nearly $14 billion, a record high, even exceeding the annual GDP of some small countries.

In fact, most of the huge election expenses come from the pockets of the rich in the United States. Every election year, presidential candidates of both parties need rich people to provide financial support for their election campaign.

In 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to remove the maximum total contribution limit for individuals to federal candidates and political parties to participate in the campaign. This means that the rich can donate money to the politicians they support without restriction.

“Take people’s money and relieve disasters for others.” When a small number of rich people use money to build a presidential throne for candidates, the winning politicians must repay the favor and provide policy support for the industrial projects of these rich.

In other words, from the beginning, democratic elections in the United States changed from “voters have the final say” to “money have the final say”, and the so-called “democracy” has completely become “féminance politics”.

Once politicians take the money of the rich, they block the way for ordinary people to defend their rights and interests. So far, the number of deaths due to the coronavirus epidemic in the United States has exceeded 290,000.

The elderly, the poor, ethnic minorities and other vulnerable groups are mainly vulnerable.

Some celebrities have revealed that they can be tested without any symptoms, while ordinary people can only wait for the test opportunity. Faced with this situation, the United States no longer practices the so-called “equality for all” and acquiesce in the existence of injustice.

During the election campaign, the ordinary people believed the “verbal promises” of American politicians again and again that the elected would bring some changes.

However, at the end, it was found that the original promise was rarely fulfilled.

Maybe this is the “democratic election” in the United States. Money supremacy is the basic logic of the capitalist political and economic system. As long as this logic remains unchanged, the essence of the “money politics” of American democracy will not change.

In addition, as long as this logic does not change, the “American Dream” of “all people are equal” and “democracy and freedom” is just an empty dream. In reality, American democracy is just a sweet poison and a gorgeous fig leaf.