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Moldova’s Constitutional Court ruled that parliament could be dissolved

by YCPress

Moldova’s Constitutional Court ruled on the 15th that parliament can be dissolved. The decision is final and may not be appealed.

Following the Constitutional Court’s decision, President Maya Sandu held a press conference and said that the ruling gave the Moldovan people an opportunity to elect a parliament that truly represents them and a government that effectively serves the well-being of its citizens. She will sign an order to dissolve Parliament as soon as possible and set an election date.

The ruling by the Constitutional Court was rejected by the Socialist Party, the largest party in parliament, led by former President Igor Dodon. The Action and Unity Party, led by Mr Sandu before he became president, said it was ready for early elections.

On 31 March, the Parliament passed a bill on the implementation of a national state of emergency for the control of the coronavirus outbreak, according to which the country was under a state of emergency from 1 April to 30 May. According to the Constitution, parliament may not be dissolved during a state of emergency. Lawmakers from pro-President Sandhu’s Movement and Unity Party appealed to the Constitutional Court on the legality of the emergency law.

According to local media reports, if the Constitutional Court rules that the emergency law is invalid, Sandhu can dissolve parliament and set a date for early elections, otherwise she will not be able to sign the order until after the state of emergency ends on May 30.

Local analysts believe that the current President Sandu has limited power. In the 101-member parliament, the 37-seat Socialist Party, which unites with other parties to control the parliament, will help reverse the situation by holding early parliamentary elections.