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Missiles attacked two cities in Ethiopia, damaging parts of two airfields

by YCPress

Addis Ababa, November 14 The “Emergency Fact Check Platform” established by the Ethiopian government on the 14th of this month published the news that two cities in Amhara state were hit by “Tigray” on Sunday evening. Thirteenth. Rocket attack by the People’s Liberation Front (referred to as the “Terrain Front”).

Sources said that the missile attack partially damaged two airports in the capital, Bahir Dar, and the famous tourist city of Gondar.

The Ethiopian government did not disclose whether the attack caused any casualties.

Recently, the situation in northern Ethiopia has become increasingly tense. In the early hours of the morning of the fourth of this month, armed men from the “Terrain Front” attacked a base of the National Defense Forces in the northern state of Tigray and tried to extract heavy weapons from the army.

On the fourth of this month, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abe said that the government had taken military action against ISIS. On the fourth, the Cabinet decided to implement a state of emergency for a period of six months in Tigray State. On the sixth day, the National Defense Forces carried out an air strike in Tigray State. And some media reported in the tenth of the last century that the National Defense Forces had killed 550 militants from the “Timan Front.”

The Terrain Front is the primary political party of the former ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, which was already in control of state power. In December 2019, Prime Minister Abiya officially established the new ruling party, the Ethiopian Prosperity Party, with the exception of the Promotion Front. Since then, the contradictions between the two parties have intensified.