Home Entertainment Minority wins Screen Actors Guild Award for the first time in the film category
Minority wins Screen Actors Guild Award for the first time in the film category

Minority wins Screen Actors Guild Award for the first time in the film category

by YCPress

April 4th, local time, the annual SAG Awards was announced. Chicago’s Seven Gentlemen’s Trial won the heaviest film best group performance award, and the stars of “Blues Diva” Chadwick Bosman and Viola Davis won the best actor and actress in the film category.

Chicago Seven Gentlemen Trial

The 27th Screen Actors Guild Awards are divided into two categories: film and television, and the winners of the former are usually also regarded as popular candidates for the Academy Awards in the acting category, because the voters of the two awards, the union members, are highly coincided with the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In response to the prevention and control of the epidemic this year, the award ceremony of the Screen Actors Guild Awards adopted the mode of pre-recording and re-editing broadcast, which lasted for one hour.

Judging from the results of the award, there are actually many unexpected things, such as Chadwick Bosman’s Best Actor Award. He died of cancer last year, after winning the Golden Globe Award, the American Critics’ Choice Award and the Film Critics Association Award in many places for “Blue Queen”. Not surprisingly, the Oscars will also end up with Bosman. If the little golden man falls, I’m afraid it will be the biggest surprise of this year’s Oscars. In addition, Daniel Kalua, who won the Best Supporting Actor in Film Award for Judah and the Black Messiah, also has a 9-nine appointment for a little golden man.

In fact, the biggest suspense of this year’s award season falls on the women’s performance category. Whether it is “Best Actress” or “Best Supporting Actress”, it is difficult to say who is ahead of the list. This time, the Best Actress award is Viola Davis of Blues Diva, who finally defeated such strong rivals such as Carrie Mulligan of The Girl with a Future.

Stills of “Blues Queen”

In the Best Supporting Actress Award, Yin Ruzhen, who played Grandma in Minari, Maria Bakalova in Borat 2, Glenn Close in The Tragedy of the Countryman, and Olivia Coleman in Dad Stuck in Time, but the last three were also shortlisted for the Oscars. In the end, who will take down the little golden man still needs to put a question mark.

Stills of Minari, Yin Ruzhen in the middle

It is worth mentioning that of the five nominated films for this year’s Best Group Drama Award, four have been selected by minority actors for the first time, namely, The Bloody Five, One Night in Miami, Blues Diva and Minari. However, it was the Chicago Seven Gentlemen Trial, which was mainly composed of white actors, who won the grand prize. However, all four single-player awards in the film category are awarded to minorities, which is the first time that the Screen Actors Guild Awards have been awarded.

In terms of television awards, this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards coincide with the Golden Globe Awards, and “The Crown” and “The Poor Family and Rich Road” are still the biggest winners. However, Gillian Anderson, who played Margaret Thatcher in the play, beat Emma Colin, who played Princess Diana, and won the Best Actress Award in the Drama category. The Best Actor in the Drama category was won by Jason Bateman of Black Money Resort.

Screen Actors Guild Trophy Image

[List of winners of the 27th Screen Actors Guild Awards]

Film category

Best group play: Chicago Seven Gentlemen Trial

Best Actor: Chadwick Bosman Blues Diva

Best Actress: Viola Davis “Blues Diva”

Best Supporting Actor: Daniel Kalua Judah and the Black Messiah

Best Supporting Actress: Yin Ruzhen Minari

Best Action Group Drama: Wonder Woman 1984

Drama category

The best group drama in the plot category: Crown

Best Actor in Drama: Jason Bateman Black Money Resort

Best Actress in Drama Category: Gillian Anderson The Crown

The best group play in comedy: “The Road to Wealth and Poverty”

Best Actor in Comedy: Jason Sudeikis Football Coach

Best Actress in Comedy Category: Catherine O’Hara “The Road to Wealth and Poverty”

Best Actor in Limited Drama/TV Movie: Mark Ruffalo “I Know It’s Real”

Best Actress in Limited Drama/TV Movie: Anya Taylor-Joy “Abandoned Soldier”

Best Action Group Drama: The Mandalorian