Home World Mexico’s many droughts, the country’s no full reservoir
Mexico's many droughts, the country's no full reservoir

Mexico’s many droughts, the country’s no full reservoir

by YCPress

Mexico’s recent drought has strained the country’s water supply and wildfires.

As of the 26th, none of Mexico’s 210 major reservoirs had 100 percent water storage, the water department said Wednesday. Of these, 30 reservoirs hold more than 75% of the water, and 19 reservoirs hold less than 50%. A reservoir, for example, supplies a quarter of the capital, Mexico City, but currently holds only 42.8 percent of its water, 23 percentage points below the historical average.

Mexico City’s metropolitan area is experiencing its worst drought in 30 years, mayor Claudia Hinbaum said.

Mexico’s forestry department says 78 wildfires have burned more than 41,000 hectares across the country due to high temperatures and drought. Emergency services have sent more than 3,600 people to fight the fire.

According to the German news agency, 85 percent of Mexico is currently suffering from drought.

Mexico’s dry season typically begins around November and continues until mid-May, when the Pacific hurricane season begins.

Although there is less rainfall during the dry season, this year is particularly low. Since the beginning of the year, rainfall across the country has fallen by about a third from the average for the same period last year, and this year’s rainy season is expected to be delayed until June, according to Mexico’s National Weather Service.

At the same time, some parts of several southern states have maximum temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, and some have even experienced record highs.