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Mexican President López was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. Where will the pandemic go in the country?

by YCPress

January 24, Mexican President Lopez posted a message through his personal social media account, saying that he had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

López will miss the daily regular press conference due to the diagnosis of COVID-19.

At 19:00 on the 24th, the news that Mexican President Lopez was infected with the novel coronavirus appeared on the front page of almost all Mexican media and also attracted the attention of the international media.

There are several key messages worth noting. First, the news was “self-exposed” by the president himself and published through his own social media account.

Second, the president himself said that he had symptoms, although it was mild, he had been quarantined and treated; third, he made a special speech, and he was an optimist. I believe everyone will get out of trouble.

In addition, he stressed in particular that starting from Monday (25th), the daily morning press conference will be held by the Minister of the Interior on his behalf.

Lopez brought up the daily morning press conference because this press conference, which is broadcast live to all Mexicans every morning on television and the Internet, has become an “exclusive event” in Lopez.

Since taking office at the end of 2018, Lopez has hardly missed the daily press conference, which has not been done by other Mexican presidents before.

△López at the daily routine morning press conference

Through the TV screen and the Internet, Lopez will make his voice at the press conference every morning. The press conference usually lasts about an hour, and Lopez will issue an official attitude on the most important news events or government issues at present.

From the first case of COVID-19 in Mexico on February 28, 2020 to his own diagnosis, Lopez has never worn a mask at a press conference, and it is because of this that he is called a “president who does not like to wear masks”.

Not only did he “not like to wear masks”, but even when the epidemic began to spread in Mexico, Lopez took out two amulets from his wallet in public at a press conference, saying that he could use amulets to resist the virus and protect Mexico.

△López displays amulets

Even though the pandemic in Mexico worsened later, López continued to downplay the need to wear masks. He seldom wears a mask himself.

The only time he appeared in front of the public lens was when he visited the United States in July 2020, he only wore a mask at the request of the United States for pandemic prevention.

△López wore a mask on the plane to the United States

It is worth mentioning that in fact, Lopez has previously been criticized by Mexican public opinion for contempt for, even ignoring, the novel coronavirus pneumonia.

pandemic prevention is facing huge challenges. Mexico City’s pandemic situation is “red lights are always on”

According to local media reports, several staff and cabinet members of the Mexican presidential palace have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Several major cities represented by the capital Mexico City are facing huge challenges in pandemic prevention and control.

The occupancy rate of hospital beds in Mexico City has exceeded 90%, and the “pandemic traffic light” used to regulate the order of economic and social activities throughout the country has also been on red light in Mexico City.

It is reported that the state of red light will last until February 1, and the lives and work of more than 22 million Mexican City residents have been seriously affected.

More concerned about the Mexican President’s diagnosis of COVID-19, the media and the public are more concerned about where the epidemic in Mexico will go?