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Merkel: This is the most difficult year.

Merkel: This is the most difficult year.

by YCPress

According to Reuters, German Chancellor Merkel delivered her last New Year’s speech to the German people on December 30th local time in Berlin.

In the speech, Merkel said that 2020 was the most difficult year in her 15 years of administration.

However, with the start of coronavirus vaccination, 202 One year is full of hope.

In her speech, Merkel also said that she would not run in the parliamentary election in nine months, so it would probably be her last New Year’s speech to the public in her capacity as German Chancellor.

“It is no exaggeration to say that in the past 15 years, we have never found a year so heavy, but we have never looked forward to the new year so hopeful, despite our worries and uncertainties.”

In her New Year’s message, Merkel also attacked various conspiracy theorists.

Merkel said that we must not forget those who have lost their beloved by the novel coronavirus, and they can’t even spend the last days with them.

Merkel also said how heartache it would be for those who were observing a moment of silence for their loved ones who passed away when the coronavirus was questioned and denied by a small number of people.

Conspiracy theories are not only wrong and dangerous, but also selfish and cruel.

Reuters said that Merkel, who led Germany and the European Union through the 2008 financial crisis, resolved the Greek debt crisis and the European refugee crisis, was a person who rarely expressed her emotions, but this time she excitedly condemned the protests against the lockdown and said that she would widely use the coronavirus vaccine. After that, it will be vaccinated.