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Merkel: Germany can't do it again on refugees

Merkel: Germany can’t do it again on refugees

by YCPress

Aug. 17 2021 Talking about the recent situation in Afghanistan may cause a new round of refugee flows, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on the 16th that Germany can not repeat the mistakes made in the past, that is, due to the failure to give unhcr and other agencies adequate funding, resulting in people from Jordan, Lebanon and Syria on the road to Europe. To that end, Germany will assist Afghanistan’s neighbours as soon as possible.

Merkel made the remarks at a press conference on the situation in Afghanistan in Berlin on the 16th. Merkel said that germany’s federal cabinet will be 18 to discuss the expected local people to flee the problem. Merkel made it clear that the German federal government has no intention of taking large numbers of refugees from Afghanistan. She stressed that Germany’s current focus was on providing assistance to neighbouring Afghan countries such as Pakistan, which could experience a large influx of Afghan refugees, while Germany was also in communication with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Reporters asked if those not on the German government’s “list” could expect Germany to open its doors to asylum seekers as it did during Europe’s refugee crisis in 2015. In response, Ms Merkel said the german government’s main goal was to ensure that hope was visible to those who “directly help us.” She admitted that whether this could be done depended entirely on the situation in Kabul, “unfortunately, the situation is no longer under our control.” But we will try to have a dialogue with the Taliban and use all channels to help as many people as possible. ”

Ms Merkel said there were still many people who had not served Directly in Germany but were still full of fear, and for those who “we have to consider whether they can get a safe foothold around Afghanistan.” ”

“Here, we cannot repeat the mistakes of the past.” Ms Merkel stressed that the German government had taken a position on the issue: it had been able to provide adequate funding to institutions such as the UN refugee agency UNHCR and Germany’s World Hunger Relief, which had led people to travel directly to Europe from countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. “The point now is that we need to move faster and provide rapid assistance to Afghanistan’s neighbors.”