Home Politics MEP: The EU should not teach other countries what human rights are
MEP: The EU should not teach other countries what human rights are

MEP: The EU should not teach other countries what human rights are

by YCPress

Clare Daly, an Irish member of the European Parliament (EP), has caused a sensation after angrily criticizing other parliamentarians for suffering from “Russianphobia”.

On the 10th, she told Russia Today (RT) that the EU’s attitude towards Russian opposition leader Navalny and Assange is completely different, and it even promotes democracy all over the world. She believes that the EU should not teach other countries what human rights are.

Daley told RT that the European Parliament has a “so-called ‘European values’ rhetoric” and believes that it should be extended to the world, but this idea is simply a “false”.

Recently, the Russian opposition Navalny was arrested and sentenced to 3.5 years in prison after returning to Russia from Germany. Many Western countries began to interfere in Russia’s internal affairs undisguisedly, waving a “democratic and liberal” stick, and publicly accusing Russia.

For example, French President Macron called on Russia to release people immediately by declaring on Twitter that “respect for human rights is non-negotiable for liberal democracy.

Regarding a series of Western practices, Daly told RT that Navalny is just an excuse against Russia; given that the EU refuses to help Assange and is indifferent to surrounding issues, the EU should not be a “human rights teacher” of other countries.

Daly’s speech at the European Parliament on February 9th was reported to have caused a sensation.

At the time, she accused other MPs of “severe Russianphobia” and said that “if Navalny hadn’t been arrested in Russia, they [other MPs] would not even discuss this person.”

It is worth mentioning that Daley posted the video of this speech of “Russianphobia” on his personal Twitter account to test the strength of Twitter’s speech crackdown. She captioned the video, “If the following video is labeled as ‘sensitive content’, it can tell how sensitive some people are.

In case this happens, you can watch it at the following website.

In his parliamentary address, Daley also pointed out the double attitude and double standards of Europe towards Assange and Navalny, the founders of WikiLeaks.

“Assange was imprisoned for 10 years for effectively exposing the war crimes of the United States, but Europe basically avoided mentioning this person in human rights reports,” Daley said.

“However, the European Union is still telling the world that they are great defenders of democracy – it has nothing to do with democracy.”

Daly told RT that only a few MEPs supported her view, and that the MEP was controlled by people who held anti-Russian views.” I find that the European Parliament does not represent European citizens on many issues.

According to RT, Daley’s condemnation of “hypocrisy” of members of the European Parliament is the background of the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, who was criticized by other parliamentarians for his recent visit to Russia.

In the end, Borrell was forced to support a new round of sanctions against Russia.

Subsequently, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova responded, “The new sanctions are completely contrary to what he (Borel) said in Moscow, which means that within the EU, someone completely dominates the course of action against Russia.”