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Maradona lawyer warns of suicide with body: it will pay the price

Maradona lawyer warns of suicide with body: it will pay the price

by YCPress

November 27th – Several funeral staff in Argentina “self-sed” with Maradona’s body, which triggered criticism from netizens. Maradona’s lawyer warned that the funeral staff who took photos would pay the price.

According to Russia today, a photo circulated on social networks. In the photo, a funeral worker took a photo with Maradona’s body. He put one hand on Maradona’s head and the other hand gave a thumbs up. The man, who was part of the team responsible for the preparation of Maradona’s body, has been fired.

His actions were considered by many to be a serious desecration of Maradona’s remains, and some angry fans sent him death threats online after seeing the photo. Some netizens said: “He should be deprived of Argentine citizenship. He can’t do this, which is a very disrespectful act.”

Maradona’s lawyer Matthias Mora tweeted the name of one of the funeral employees on the 26th and promised to take legal action. He also tweeted: “This is Diego Molina, the author of the photograph next to the coffin of Maradona. He is the funeral director of the Pinir funeral home. In honor of my friend, I will not stop until he pays for this abnormal behavior.

According to the website of the British newspaper Metro, two other Argentine funeral home staff members were also photographed standing beside the coffin of Maradona. Diego Picon, manager of the Pinier Funeral Museum in Buenos Aires, said that the three men were “outsourced employees” and took these photos before Maradona’s body was sent to the Argentine presidential palace.

Maradona died of a sudden myocardial infarction at home on the 25th at the age of 60. Maradona will be buried with his parents in the Paz Cemetery on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. On the 26th, after the opening ceremony, the presidential residence in Buenos Aires began a closing ceremony. Up to 1 million people will flock to the capital to pay tribute to their favorite stars. When the coffin of Maradona was delivered to the presidential palace, fans even had several scuffles to see the coffin.

Maura said on the 26th that Maradona was not in custody for about 12 hours before his death, and it took half an hour for the ambulance to arrive. He promised to investigate any misconduct.