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Malaysian football matches suspended due to the pandemic

Malaysian football matches suspended due to the pandemic

by YCPress

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia’s Defense Minister Ismail Sabri announced on the 9th that the Malaysian government has decided to suspend the country’s football matches again, and the restart time is undetermined.

This means that the Malaysia Cup, which has been held since 1921 and has a history of nearly a hundred years, will be completed this year after the first round of matches last week. The Malaysia Cup and its predecessor, the Malaya Cup, had only been suspended for a few years during World War II.

The minister held an online press conference that day and stated that although spectators are not allowed to enter the stadium for the time being in football matches, the horse health department is worried that close physical contact on the football field may bring the risk of infection.

In addition, currently only four of the states and federal territories in Malaysia have not implemented conditional movement restriction orders, so the Malaysian government made this decision. 

Ismail apologized to the fans and called on them to wait patiently for the epidemic to improve.

After the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic, the Malaysian government implemented a movement restriction order and suspended the football league in March. With the deregulation of the Malaysian government, football matches resumed at the end of August and the league matches were completed after shortening the schedule.

Recently, the epidemic situation in Malaysia has rebounded. The number of newly confirmed cases in a single day has remained at around a thousand for several days, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases has exceeded 40,000.