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Los Angeles 2020 Crime Report Shows Surge in Murder Violence in City

Los Angeles 2020 Crime Report Shows Surge in Murder Violence in City

by YCPress

January 25th, U.S. local time, the mayor of Los Angeles and the chief of the Los Angeles Police held a joint press conference on the same day and released the 2020 Los Angeles crime report.

The report data show that although the overall crime in the city has decreased, the number of homicide and violent crimes have increased significantly.

Los Angeles Mayor Garciti revealed at the press conference that in the past year (2020), Los Angeles has experienced unprecedented epidemic and suffered heavy economic damage, which has also caused the city to suffer pain and hardship.

In terms of crime, although the overall decline, the surge in vicious violence undoubtedly exponentially worsened Los Angeles.

This year, the Los Angeles city government will implement more measures to keep the city safe.

According to Gasiti, although the crime rate in Los Angeles has declined for three consecutive years, such as burglary cases fell by 11.1%, robbery cases fell by 17%, and sexual crimes and vehicle theft cases fell by about 9%, gang crime rate also decreased year-on-year compared with 2019.

However, there has been a sharp increase in malicious violent crime.

For example, homicides increased by 36.2% in 2020 compared with the same period, and shootings increased by 41.4%.

At present, homicide crimes in Los Angeles are closely following Chicago and New York, and the homicide crime rates in these two cities have increased by 50% and 40% respectively in 2020.

Los Angeles Police Chief Moore also analyzed the crime rate of local gangs.

Moore pointed out that about 55% of homicides in 2020 were identified as gang-related, an increase of 42% from the same period, and 35% in illegal gun ownership last year, which also reveals the side of Los Angeles.

The number of illegal armed devices in Sugishi City is increasing significantly.

In terms of police law enforcement, Moore revealed that due to the impact of the Freud incident on the whole society in the United States, the Los Angeles Police Department has banned law enforcement officers from arresting carotid detention on duty since 2020, and will provide more training in shooting reasonably.

According to Moore, the number of Los Angeles police officers shooting and killing people at arrest decreased in the past year, from 12 in 2019 to 7 in 2020, while in 1990, the number of law enforcement shootings killed up to 115.

In the face of the security prevention plan of Los Angeles in the new year, Gasiti and Moore said that the municipal government and law enforcement agencies will strengthen joint law enforcement and law enforcement norms, including the implementation of civilian supervision

wearing law enforcement equipment and timely release of law enforcement videos, and will continue to pay attention to the occurrence of youth participation in gang activities. Reduce the community crime rate.