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London Diary: Crisis in Silence

London Diary: Crisis in Silence

by YCPress

For an international metropolis like London, the noise of the past has turned into “the quiet years”, which may be the superficial phenomenon of a crisis.

Take a look at the recent small advertisements on the streets of London.

They are complaining about the ultra-high death toll statistics brought to the UK by the coronavirus epidemic.

The latest death data released on December 25 shows that the cumulative number of coronavirus deaths in the UK has exceeded 70,000, 10,000 more than the advertising death data.

Although the years in London are quiet, they are difficult to praise.

London’s railway stations and airports are basically closed, and public transportation has also ceased to operate. Taxis are occasionally seen on the street, mostly run by Muslim drivers or other religious drivers.

December 25 is a traditional festival. Many people spend the festival at home alone this year. The streets are extremely lonely, and this situation lasted for a long time before the 25th.

Throughout December, London, the capital of the United Kingdom, has undergone three levels of changes in epidemic prevention. The first was a regional blockade in England, the second was a level 3 blockade in early December, and from the beginning of the 20th of this week, the level 4 blockade began

These three levels of epidemic prevention changes have made London’s epidemic prevention as a whole more and more tight, which is a great blow to business. Since December 26, it was originally the most important discount day in the UK of the year. But this year, because the store cannot open, people can only participate in online shopping if they want to participate in discounts.

London is indeed quiet now, but this silence is not a good holiday or a symbol of a good life. Because normal London should be lively, so some people we see on the Internet to promote “quiet life” may be an experience of his personal life, which has no personal life experience. France represents the severe epidemic prevention situation facing London and the whole of the United Kingdom.

If you immerse yourself in the personal experience of quiet years, you may also ignore the severity of the epidemic and the harm of the virus. Because over the past year, the epidemic in Britain has repeatedly, shops have been closed, and epidemic prevention measures have been tightened and loosened. All of this is partly due to the feeling that some people live a quiet life and have not been fully valued.

With less than a week left, 2021 is coming. What are the wishes of many Britons for their New Year 2021? Perhaps to see a healthy life in 2021, this should be their greatest wish.