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Lies are "threatening" are the tradition of American politics.

Lies are “threatening” are the tradition of American politics.

by YCPress

Recently, “diluting and denying the coronavirus epidemic” has been named “Lies of the Year” by the American media. The reason is very simple: other lies lie to cheat money, this lie is terrible.

Behind the dark selection is the bloody fact. At present, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States is nearly 18 million, and the death toll is as high as 320,000.

For the United States, this crisis is not an undefended “natural disaster”, but under the repeated mistake of the U.S. government, it has evolved into an uncontrollable “man-made disaster”. In the National History of the United States, “A lie of the government can kill thousands of people, even millions of corpses.” What the U.S. government has done since the epidemic confirms this sentence again.

At the beginning of the epidemic, the Trump administration did nothing and gloated, shouting that “the epidemic helps accelerate the return of manufacturing to the United States”.

When the epidemic spread rapidly in the United States, they were not dedicated to fighting against the epidemic, but constantly fabricated all kinds of lies, paralyzing the public and crazy about the blame.” COVID-19 is a large influenza, “Injecting disinfectant can cure COVID-19”, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t wear a mask”, “WHO favors China” …

All kinds of remarks have reached the point of blasphemy of science, fooling the people, and making people confused.” The more ridiculous the lie is, the worse the epidemic is.” The mysterious behavior of the White House concealing its ears and stealing bells not only makes the United States the “epicenter” of the global epidemic, but also exacerbates a series of already serious social contradictions such as racial discrimination and the gap between rich and poor, and smashes the myth of “lighthouse” into scum.

Speaking of which, “lie is terrible” is actually not news in American politics, but a traditional operation. I don’t know how many death tragedies have been created, such as “Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction”. These lies are both external and internal. Statistics have pointed out that the fulfillment rate of the presidential election promises is 5%, and the lying rate after taking office is 100%.

During the epidemic, the president took the lead, politicians echoed, lied, suppressed science, and took off an American version of the “emperor’s new clothes”, which not only made politics smoke, but also lowered the cognitive level of American society.

There are many Americans who really try “suicide-based treatments” such as injection disinfectant recommended by Trump. There are still a large number of people who still insist that the epidemic does not exist at all. It is really sad that political “anti-intellectual” fools the people here.

The fact that politicians’ lies become the sickle of death is the inevitable result of the gradual accumulation of defects in American democracy. Although American democracy always boasts that it believes in the rule of law and has a strong ability to correct mistakes.

But in fact, the law is just a little girl whose power can dress up at will. The White House often suppresses dissidents, and there is no room for the truth; inadequate epidemic prevention has caused human tragedy, and no politician is held accountable. It seems that the “separation of powers” restricts each other, but in fact, all kinds of supervision mechanisms are not painful.

Under such a system, powerful and irresponsible politicians have no scruples, talk freely, and are dedicated to political self-interest. Any “democracy” and “freedom” have become jokes.

The “Lie of the Year” selection in the United States has lasted for 10 years.

I believe that with the tearing of American society and the continuation of party attacks, this selection will continue, becoming another annotation to the institutional decline of the United States.