Home Business Latin American Economic Notes Chinese market is pumping momentum into Chile economic recovery
Latin American Economic Notes Chinese market is pumping momentum into Chile economic recovery

Latin American Economic Notes Chinese market is pumping momentum into Chile economic recovery

by YCPress

At the end of October and early November, the Chilean cherry export season quietly started. Batches of the earliest mature Chilean cherries boarded the plane and went to the Chinese market thousands of miles away.

According to data from the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association, in the last cherry export season, Chile exported more than 200,000 tons of cherries, of which 91% were sold to the Chinese market. This year, Chile has abundant rains, the cherry planting area has further expanded, and the market price has been stable. Industry insiders predict that cherry exports will usher in a good year.

On November 28, 2017, in Mostazar, Chile, Garces Agricultural Products rated the size and color of cherries based on a set of color cards. (Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Pei)

This is not only good news for the cherry industry, but also good news for the Chilean economy that has been hit hard by the new crown epidemic. After the outbreak of the epidemic this year, the Chilean economy was hit. The Chilean central bank predicts that the economy will shrink by 4.5% to 5.5% this year.

As Chile’s largest trading partner, China took the lead in effectively controlling the epidemic and achieving economic stabilization and recovery. The vibrant Chinese market has brought a touch of color to the Chilean economy under the cloud of the epidemic, driving Chile’s exports to China to rise against the trend.

The latest statistics from the Chilean Customs show that from January to October this year, Chile’s total exports were US$56.27 billion, down 6.6% from the same period last year, but exports to China bucked the trend and increased by 12.7%, accounting for Chile’s total exports in the first ten months of this year. Of 36.6%. Among them, Chile’s exports to China in October reached US$2.496 billion, an increase of 16.6% over the same period last year and accounting for 42.4% of Chile’s total exports that month.

Chilean Customs referred to the Chinese market as “an important support for Chile’s economy under the impact of the epidemic.” Chilean economist Hugo Facio told Xinhua News Agency that as the main market for Chile’s exports, the upturn in China’s economy will play a very important role in stimulating Chile’s economic recovery.

In addition to the promising export prospects for cherries, Chilean citrus fruits obtained the Chinese market access qualification in the first half of this year, achieving their first export to China and becoming a new growth point for bilateral trade. Chilean pork also performed well in the Chinese market.

Francisco Castaneda, dean and economist of the Business School of the University of Mayor in Chile, said that China’s economic recovery has boosted the international price of Chile’s main export product, copper, improved Chile’s fiscal revenue, and helped Chile avoid A greater economic downturn.

Valenzuela, chairman of the Chilean Fruit Producers Association, believes that Chile-China trade has boosted Chile’s economic development and popularization of rural science and technology, and has improved Chile’s employment level and farmers’ quality of life.