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Kyrgyzstan starts the nomination of presidential candidates

by YCPress

According to Interfax news agency, Kyrgyzstan’s Central Election Commission officially approved the schedule for the presidential election to be held in advance on the 26th. 

According to the schedule, the nomination of presidential candidates has started on the 26th and ends on November 15. Nominations of candidates need to provide the necessary documents to the Central Election Commission before December 7.

The Central Election Commission will register the candidates before December 15th. Candidates can register from December 15th to the polling day before January 10th. Conduct campaign campaigns.

On the 24th of this month, the chairman of Kyrgyzstan’s Central Election Commission, Shayr Dabekova, stated that the Central Election Committee has determined that the presidential election will be held in advance on January 10, 2021.

The President of Kyrgyzstan is elected by a referendum for a six-year term. On October 15, Jeenbekov, who was elected President of Kyrgyzstan in November 2017, announced his resignation. According to the electoral law, Kyrgyzstan should hold a new round of presidential elections in advance within three months after his resignation.