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Khamenei: America’s worst epidemic management in the world, Iran needs to learn lessons to stay united

by YCPress

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei said that at this critical time, Iran’s entire country needs “cooperation, unity and unity” more than ever.

According to Iranian media “Pars Today”, since the outbreak, Khamenei has done this at the first meeting with Iranian President Rouhani and the head of the Iranian national headquarters responsible for managing and fighting the new crown virus on Saturday (24th).

The above appeal. When talking about the global response to the new crown epidemic, Khamenei said that some countries, such as the United States, have implemented the worst management, but Iran must try to deal with the people’s lives and health through the best management.

And phenomena related to people’s safety and economic development.

Khamenei stated that the prerequisite for proper management is “making decisive governance decisions”, “convincing public opinion” and “cooperation of various institutions and cooperation of the people”. 

Khamenei said that such cooperation is not limited to the fight against the new Corona virus; it must exist in all issues, especially political issues, because the country has a strong nation, new system, and new discourse.

Iran domestic sector is facing major problems.

According to the latest news from the Iranian Ministry of Health on the 24th local time, in the past 24 hours, Iran has added 5814 confirmed cases of Corona Pandemic and 335 new deaths. As of noon on the 24th local time, Iran had a total of 562,705 confirmed cases of new Corona Pandemic, of which 45091 recovered, 32,320 died, and 4,952 were severely ill.

In the face of the severe epidemic situation, the United States imposed “the strictest sanctions in history” on Iran, depriving Iran of access to foreign exchange to obtain medicines and medical equipment. Iran criticized this as a “crime against humanity.” 

Earlier this month, US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin issued a statement imposing sanctions on 18 major Iranian banks to prevent Iran from “illegally acquiring” U.S. dollars.

According to the analysis of foreign media, except for these 18 banks in Iran, other banks have been sanctioned by the United States. After the sanctions are issued, all Iranian banks have been blacklisted by the United States. 

Moreover, the financial companies of other countries that deal with Iran in the future will be sanctioned by the United States. This will not only severely damage the Iranian economy;

under the raging new crown epidemic, it will also cause great difficulties for Iran to import drugs and medical supplies to the outside world, because foreign transactions are mostly used U.S. dollar settlement, while Iran’s foreign exchange cannot be used under sanctions.