Home Business Kazakhstan pushes “government digitization” again next year or completely cancels “paper certificate”
Kazakhstan pushes "government digitization" again next year or completely cancels "paper certificate"

Kazakhstan pushes “government digitization” again next year or completely cancels “paper certificate”

by YCPress

Nur Sultan, November 17 Kazakhstan’s “digital government affairs” process is expected to achieve a major breakthrough in the coming year. Prime Minister Ma Ming made a request for this on the 17th local time, instructing “should be In 2021, the requirement for paper certificates will be completely eliminated, and the actual accessibility of online services will be increased to 100%.

Ma Ming pointed out at the government meeting that day that the president had previously set the task of digitizing government public services, and the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this process. In the context of the fight against the pandemic, the government’s public service system has achieved “great optimization and automation”, canceled a large number of unnecessary document requirements, and provided services through mobile applications according to the needs of the people.

Ma Ming also pointed out that relevant departments must increase the satisfaction of public service quality to 80%. At present, the performance of the municipalities in this area is “not consistent.” Related work in Almaty and Shymkent needs to be strengthened.

Ma Ming emphasized that with the increase in the number of smart phone users, the public’s demand for public services through mobile platforms is increasing, and the government’s “format change” in the way of providing public services has important social significance.

Ma Ming pointed out that the government must completely eliminate the requirement for paper certification in 2021 and increase the accessibility of all online services to 100%. Among them, according to the President’s instructions, it is necessary to ensure that the distribution of pensions and social benefits is completely digital.

According to a report from Kazakhstan News Agency, Kazakhstan’s Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry, Bagdat, stated that the government plans to convert 90% of public services into digital “formats” this year. He also pointed out that the number of services provided by the government of Kazakhstan in electronic form has been increasing in recent years. Currently, 85.5% of the nearly 700 public services provided can be handled online.