Home Politics Just when the Australian Prime Minister was furious with China, the person who exposed the brutality of the Australian army was in danger.
Just when the Australian Prime Minister was furious with China, the person who exposed the brutality of the Australian army was in danger.

Just when the Australian Prime Minister was furious with China, the person who exposed the brutality of the Australian army was in danger.

by YCPress

Just as Australian Prime Minister Morrison was furious with a cartoon satirizing the atrocities of the Australian army, the “whistleblower” who exposed the Australian army’s killing of Afghan civilians was prosecuted by Australian authorities for “leaking state secrets”, so much so that he I even had to post to netizens for help.

The “whistleblower” who exposed the atrocities of the Australian army was named David McBride. According to the Canberra Times, as a “whistleblower”, McBride was exposing the killing of innocent Australian special forces soldiers in Afghanistan.

In the process of civilians, the documents “involving state secrets” were leaked to an Australian Broadcasting Corporation reporter. To this end, he is facing charges and trial by the Australian judiciary for allegedly committing five crimes.

Since the atrocities committed by the Australian army officers and soldiers have been verified, many Australians and politicians have called for the prosecution of the “whistleblower” to be removed. 

But today, when Australian Prime Minister Morrison was forwarding a caricature to the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and demanding an apology from the Chinese side, the Australian Federal Government stated that it “will not interfere in the McBride case.” 

In fact, this also means that the Australian government will not give moral support to McBride who speaks righteously.

Canberra Times

Although most recent reports in the Australian media did not mention McBride’s deeds, the author found that the previous experience of the “whistleblower” was quite legendary after consulting various materials.

McBride, who was born in Australia, studied law at the University of Sydney and Oxford University. But after graduation, this “student tyrant” who won a scholarship from a prestigious school did not become a high-paying white-collar worker like a classmate. Instead, he chose to apply for a pen in the army, enrolled in the British army, and went to the front with the army many times.

According to the “Sydney Morning Herald”, McBride had participated in the selection of the famous British special forces “Special Air Service Regiment”, but was unsuccessful for some reason, and subsequently applied for retirement and return to Australia. Soon after, McBride applied for the post of military lawyer of the Australian Defence Force, and went to Afghanistan twice with the army in 2011 and 2013.

Source: “Sydney Morning Herald”

McBride, who followed the Australian army to the battlefield twice, began to pay attention to the incident after hearing that the Australian army suspected of killing civilians and other atrocities there.

In 2017, McBride had to retire because of sequelae of traumatic stress. In the same year, McBride gave much of his evidence to Dan Oakes, a reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Sydney Morning Herald

Although McBride’s “whistle blowing” was exposed by the media and prompted an investigation by the Australian military, it also caused trouble for him and the reporter. According to many media reports, McBride used to expose many of the information used by Australian soldiers to expose the atrocities of Australian soldiers. He was prosecuted by the judiciary for allegedly violating five laws.

Just in October, the Australian judiciary decided not to prosecute Dan Oakes, who disclosed relevant information with McBride, but did not make the same decision against McBride. On November 23, McBride also reposted a link on his personal social media, hoping that netizens would call for the cancellation of all prosecutions against him.

However, as of press time, McBride’s initiative page released a few days ago has only received more than 30,000 likes, and the popularity is far less than the repercussions on the Internet caused by the Australian brutality he exposed.

What’s even more funny is that when we attacked China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian for reposting the satirical picture, many Australian politicians and media argued that “the incident was revealed by the Australians themselves” in order to accuse us of “as outsiders”. It criticizes.

But from the experience of McBride, these people are playing a trick: when they gag us, they call McBride “our Australians”, but they turn around and treat this “our own people”. “Ignore the possible imprisonment.

Source: “Sydney Morning Herald”