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The United States will soon certify the election results. Is the election "big drama" coming to an end?

Just after winning the game, Biden: “A bit of cold…”

by YCPress

According to Fox News, on the evening of the 14th local time, after the American Electoral College confirmed that Biden had officially won the presidential election, Biden delivered a victory speech in Wilmington, Delaware. 

Biden’s voice was hoarse during the speech, and he stopped to clear his throat many times.

In a call with supporters after the speech, Biden admitted that he “has a little cold.” He said: “I have a little cold, I’m sorry, but you see, you did it, this is not a joke.”

On December 14, local time, a total of 538 electors from the U.S. Electoral College cast their electoral votes in accordance with the results of the state elections. Biden received 306 electoral votes and Trump received 232 votes, confirming that Democrat Biden won the U.S. election.

Become the next President of the United States. Later that day, Biden posted on social media to thank the Americans. Biden announced on Twitter that a telephone thank-you event will be held at 8:45 pm on the same day (14th) to thank all supporters.