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Dissatisfied with the government's ineffective pandemic prevention, Shimane Prefecture, Japan, is considering withdrawing from the Olympic torch relay.

Japan’s pandemic prevention poster asked Bruce Lee for “help”. Netizens: I feel so kind.

by YCPress

Japan’s Nara Katsu Castle’s official mascot “Lotus” has lost many public appearances due to the coronavirus epidemic.

In order to strengthen epidemic prevention publicity and remind the local people to prevent COVID-19 infection, the Gecheng government has produced a series of posters with “Lotus” as the protagonist.

The posters are inspired by the classic actions and lines of Chinese kung fu superstar Bruce Lee, which attracted widespread attention.

According to Japan’s Daily News on the 8th, in February this year, the Gecheng government issued a series of “Silent Food” posters calling on people not to talk and communicate when eating out.

The posters are set in the burning flames, and the mascot “Lotus” holds a double-cut stick and says “Don’t talk, eat!” ( Don’t talk. Eat!)”, the slogan actually mimics Bruce Lee’s classic martial arts moves and lines in the film, “Don’t think, feel!” ( Don’t think.Feel!).

In addition, the Gecheng government has also issued posters to encourage people to exercise at home and other related posters.

There has been a lot of praise on Japanese social networks for the series of posters that “Lotus” imitates Bruce Lee.

Many Japanese netizens said that “the lotus flower is so cute” and “I feel so kind to see the lotus flower imitating Bruce Lee in the restaurant.” Thank you Lotus for reminding me!”

“Lotus” was born in 2009. It is a mascot based on the noblewoman Lieutenant General Hime in the Nara era.

On the official Twitter account of Lotus, many netizens left messages saying that “Lotus is a special presence at the mayor level and above”.

A publicity director of Katsu City said: “There are many well-known mascots in Nara Prefecture. We hope to form a certain influence through ‘Lotus’, even if it becomes a topic in small things, and get everyone’s attention.

It is reported that the relevant publicity posters of “Lotus” can be downloaded from the official website of Gecheng City.

Meanwhile, Yamato Takada, next to Katsu City, also printed the local mascot, “Future” on the propaganda badge to remind people not to misunderstand the symptoms of hay fever-allergic sneezing as contracting COVID-19.