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Japanese scholars warn that the “quasi-civil war” of the United States threatens global security

by YCPress

January 22nd that the author Hiroyuki Akita published an article “The “quasi-civil war” of the United States will threaten the world” published by Japan Economic News on January 21. The full text is excerpted as follows:

The American society that greets the new President Biden is full of gunpowder.

According to U.S. media reports, the FBI has previously issued internal documents warning that 50 states across the United States have plans to instigate armed rebellions, and state legislatures and state governments may be targeted.

Governments are stepping up intelligence to figure out what foreign policy the Biden administration will propose. But before that, it may be necessary to make a judgment on how the security situation in American society will develop.

Once the United States is involved in violence, diplomacy will not be negotiable. If the extremist power of the United States is growing, it may also endanger global security.

I pointed out last year that there is a situation in the direction of another Civil War in the United States.

Unfortunately, the first riot in 200 years in the United States Congress on January 6 confirms the previous prediction.

The event was dominated by the far-right forces.

It is said that dozens of the attackers are members of far-right groups and white supremacists on the FBI’s surveillance list under the name of possible terrorist attacks.

In recent years, terrorist attacks caused by far-right groups in the United States have shown a rapid growth.

White supremacists who were increasingly worried about black presidents during Obama joined far-right groups.

After Trump, who is considered tolerant of far-right forces, took office in 2017, these groups have become more active.

The question is, does today’s chaos stop at terrorist activities, or is it possible to develop a quasi-civil war?

Two reports released last year analyzing the dynamics of the far-right movement by Seth Jones, a senior adviser to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, pointed out that although the United States has not yet fallen into a “civil war”, the terrorist threat is rising to a new dimension.

The report said: “The far-right groups are composed of white supremacists, anti-government militias, conspiracy theorists and other forces with different demands.

But the arguments that ‘the results of the presidential election were stolen’ and that the Biden administration is illegal’ are widespread within the far right.

The so-called unity of white supremacists classified to the far right and anti-government extremists hostile to the intervention of the federal government may not be solid.

But in the future, they may indeed join hands to overthrow the Biden government.

Jones believes: “As of last year, far-right groups have begun to stand on the police in order to prevent destruction [from far-left demonstrations].

But now they see the police as enemies defending illegal governments, and in the long run, terrorist attacks against the police and government personnel may increase.”

The riots in the U.S. Congress highlight another reality worth paying attention to.

There are also suspected people who agree with the far-right claims within the police and the army that originally belong to the side of curbing extremists.

According to a former U.S. military officer, there are gaps infiltration of far-right ideas inside the conservative system of the police and the army.

Similar problems exist not only in the United States, but also in Europe.

The movement of far-right forces in the United States also affects the security situation in Europe, the former Soviet Union and Australia, because of the increasing communication between far-right groups in the United States and other regions.

The far-right forces in the United States and Europe also have ideological roots.

Daiki Wada, a part-time lecturer at Kiyowa University familiar with international terrorism, predicted: “If extreme right-wing terrorist activities in the United States show one after another, it may stimulate far-right groups in Europe and Australia to launch terrorist competitions.”

According to Wada, Ukraine’s far-right neo-Nazi militia “Azov Camp” admitted far-right elements from Britain and the United States as members and achieved cooperation in providing military training.

It is said that the far-right forces of the United States also have strongholds in Russia, engaged in recruitment of new members and other activities.

During Obama’s administration, the United States declared that it would no longer serve as the world police. As this develops, the United States may become a source of extremist forces around the world.