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Japanese holidaymakers are not reducing the outbreak in Kansai

Japanese holidaymakers are not reducing the outbreak in Kansai

by YCPress

May 3rd 2021, 4,470 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus pandemic and 50 new deaths were reported in Japan, the Japan Broadcasting Association television reported Thursday. The number of seriously ill people nationwide reached 1,084, the highest number since the outbreak began. Japan is currently on a “golden week” holiday, but tourists from all over the country are not losing. The situation of the pandemic in Japan, especially in Kansai, is worrying.

Despite repeated requests from the Japanese government to reduce travel during the holiday season, Japan’s many places on The 3rd still ushered in peak passenger flow. There were long queues in front of many stalls at the famous morning market in Theoshima City, Ishikawa Prefecture. According to preliminary local statistics, about 2,000 tourists visited on the 3rd, the largest number of tourists since the Japanese government suspended the tourist subsidy program last year.

Nara County is also crowded with tourists. Among them are tourists from Osaka Prefecture, which is close to Nara Prefecture and is in a state of emergency.

A total of 1,434 new cases were reported in Kansai on Wednesday, including Nara Prefecture and Osaka Prefecture, of which 847 were reported in Osaka Prefecture. The shortage of medical resources in Osaka Prefecture has not improved, and the utilization rate of intensive care beds in Osaka Prefecture reached 99.7% on the 3rd.

The current state of emergency in Osaka Prefecture and other places will expire on the 11th. Osaka Governor Yoshimura said Wednesday that he will consider applying to the Japanese government for an extension of the state of emergency, depending on the state of the outbreak. At the same time, he reiterated his appeal to the public not to go out.