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Japan's first congressman who died of the coronavirus did not have time to test it.

Japan provides huge loan to Indonesia for Covid-19

by YCPress

Overseas Network, October 20. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga held talks with Indonesian President Joko in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. 

At a joint press conference after the talks, Yoshihide Suga stated that, given that Indonesia is the Southeast Asian country with the largest number of new coronary pneumonia patients, Japan will provide Indonesia with a loan of 50 billion yen (about 500 million USD).

According to a report from Kyodo News on the 20th, Suga Yoshihide also stated that he would promote cooperation with Indonesia in response to the new crown epidemic. 

The two countries have also confirmed that they will restart exchanges between nurses and nurses who have stalled due to the epidemic. In addition to borrowing money and providing medical supplies and other support, Japan will also strengthen cooperation with Indonesia in security.

On the 18th, Yoshihide Suga opened his first foreign visit after taking office.

Japan provides huge loan to Indonesia for Covid-19

Japan provides huge loan to Indonesia for Covid-19 The destinations were Vietnam and Indonesia. Vietnam is the rotating chairman of the ASEAN this year, and there are many Japanese companies there; Indonesia is the most populous country in ASEAN and the seat of ASEAN headquarters, and it is also a member of the G20. Both countries have important influence in Southeast Asia. 

Japanese public opinion believes that Yoshihide Suga will strengthen the relationship between Japan and ASEAN countries through this visit, especially in terms of security cooperation, and will continue to draw ASEAN countries into the framework of the so-called “Indo-Pacific strategy” promoted by Japan and the United States.

The news that Yoshihide Suga “borrowed generously” from Indonesia triggered heated discussions among Japanese netizens. Many netizens continue to dispute this on social media.

Some netizens said: “Indonesia’s economy is developing rapidly, why borrow 50 billion yen to go out? How many Japanese people can this money save? Please don’t give Japanese people’s blood tax to foreign countries. There should also be a limit.”

Some netizens sarcastically: “For Indonesia, Japan is really sending money to the door”

“net to please foreigners, but it is very harsh to Japanese.”

 Many netizens also called on the Prime Minister to pay attention to the domestic epidemic:

“Please handle the domestic epidemic in Japan first” and

“I hope that the country’s taxes will be used on the blade.”