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Japan plans to pass a law to control bows and arrow guns

by YCPress

Kyodo News Agency reported on December 17 that the expert seminar on bows and arrows of the Japan Police Agency summarized the report on the 17th, proposing to “control and set a licensing system through the Guns and Blade Law”.

The office plans to submit an amendment bill to next year’s routine Congress as soon as possible based on this report. In order to control bows and arrows in successive dangerous cases, it is expected to advance the finalization of the details of the bill.

The report said that bow and arrow guns with fixed string pulling function and life-threatening power are the targets of control. To hold bow and arrow guns, you need to obtain a license issued by the Prefectural Public Security Committee, which is limited to shooting competitions and academic research.

The report sets up 18 non-qualifying matters that do not allow the use of bows and arrow guns, such as those under the age of 18 and alcohol dependence patients. It will also conduct inquiries about close neighbors and family surveys.

The license is updated every three years except partly, and it is obliged to participate in the study session. If you already have a bow and arrow gun, you will be subject to review for a certain period of time.