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Japan and Vietnam sign a “medium- and long-term vision” on agricultural cooperation

Japan and Vietnam sign a "medium- and long-term vision" on agricultural cooperation

Kyodo News Agency reported on December 13 that the governments of Japan and Vietnam held a high-level meeting on the 12th online to discuss the “Japan-Vietnam Agricultural Cooperation Dialogue” on the development of Vietnam’s agriculture.

The participating cabinet members of the two countries signed a “medium and long-term vision” aimed at promoting the improvement of agricultural-related infrastructure and private enterprise investment. The two sides will cooperate through the establishment of demonstration areas for production, processing, commodity development and circulation in Vietnam.

This time, based on the medium- and long-term vision signed in 2015, it also writes about the commitment to improving production efficiency and market access through the renovation of irrigation facilities and the improvement of roads.

The two sides also agreed to provide a place for Vietnamese skilled interns returning to Japan to use their skills after returning home, and to promote cooperation on phytosanitary agreements for expanding imports and plants.

Kotaro Nokami, Minister of Agriculture of Japan, and Nguyen Chunqiang, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam, attended the meeting.

In an interview with the media after signing, Nokami said, “hope to promote investment and export expansion.”

The meeting was considered in Hanoi, but due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, it was decided to hold it online.

The high-level meeting was first held in 2014, this time the fifth.

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