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Ivanka's best friend is show up again!

Ivanka’s best friend is show up again!

by YCPress

For a while, the elegant and charming human equipment Ivanka painstakingly managed seemed to collapse…

The leak happened to rain overnight.

Trump has been upset enough recently. His beloved daughter, Ivanka, who is currently the first daughter of the United States, has also been having trouble recently.

Some time ago, he refused to accept the school’s advice in violation of epidemic prevention regulations and withdrew from school with three children. In the past two days, she has been ruthlessly revealed by her best friend that she is exactly the same as her father Trump. She is not only infatuated with money and power, dislikes the poor and the rich, but also very rude and snobbish. For a while, the elegant and charming human equipment Ivanka painstakingly managed seemed to collapse…

One set before, one set after one

Since his father Trump’s defeat in the presidential election, Ivanka, 39 years old, has kept a relatively low profile. Usually, she usually goes out in the garage in a special agent’s car, and does not show his face in public.

On the morning of November 18, Ivanka came out of the gate rarely. Although the temperature was only about 5 degrees Celsius at that time, Ivanka still wore a long blue dress with her arms and legs exposed.

Ivanka hasn’t forgotten to wear a mask. This is really different from Ivanka, who quarreled with her children’s school because of masks and epidemic prevention. The only thing that remains unchanged is that she still looks elegant and dignified.

However, on this day, the British Guardian reported that a woman named Lysandra Ostrom, Ivanka’s former best friend, exposed a pile of Ivanka’s black material.

Ostrom (left) and Ivanka

Ostrom, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, is a freelance writer and editor. Previously, he worked as a reporter for the Lebanese English newspaper Daily Star. His works have been published in many media such as the Fortune magazine website. This revelation was published in Vanity Fair magazine.

In the article, Ostrom said that when he was a teenager, he met Ivanka at a girls’ school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (rich quarter) in New York. The two became best friends and friends since childhood during the school organized students to travel to Paris. When Ivanka married Kushner in 2009, Ostrom was still one of the two bridesmaids, which shows that the relationship between the two is extraordinary.

Ostrom described Ivanka as a girl who was “precocious and charming”, good-looking and well-looking, and everyone thought she was a young version of Cindy Crow. Ivanka especially likes to accept praise from others, always claiming that her teacher or others praise her for her intelligence and natural talent. However, this should not be too bad.Who doesn’t like to listen to good things?

As a beautiful woman who deliberately creates her elegant image, Ivanka’s good appearance has added a lot of impressions to her, so many people will think that Ivanka is different from her rude father Trump.

But in fact, in private, Ivanka, like Trump, is a man who is obsessed with money and snobbish in his bones. Ostrom revealed that “In order to protect herself, she will not hesitate to push others into the abyss!”

Once, Ivanka farted in class and successfully planted the fart to other students. Ostrom thinks farting is no big deal. Beauty is also human and can fart, but it seems a little thought-minded to rely on this slightly embarrassing thing to others. Although the “fart incident” is a small matter, it makes Ostrom’s attention to Ivanka’s ruthlessness.

In addition, Ivanka often pulls her sisters to do bad things together.

Ostrom recalls that Ivanka once encouraged her and several other girls to bare her breasts at the hot dog vendor outside the window of the classroom. At that time, Ivanka was basically the mastermind of the incident, but after a group of people were caught by the teacher, Ivanka defended the principal that she was innocent and finally escaped punishment. But other students were not so lucky that they were all suspended from school. This kind of ingenerous move let Ostrom see Ivanka’s unknown side.

Young people will rebellious and make some out-to-line behaviors during puberty, but if you lay off on others for your bad deeds, or rely on beauty to pretend to be innocent to escape punishment, you can’t help saying that there is something wrong with personality.

Not only that, Ivanka also looked down on the poor. When they were in their twenties, Ostrom recommended Ivanka a book about the life of the working class in small cities – the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Empire Falls. After listening to it, Ivanka sweared: “Why did you let me read this book about poor people? Which of the wrong way did you think I would be interested in this thing?”

After the school teacher bought a new car, Ivanka also sneered at it, saying: “When can the teacher afford a BMW?”

Extre racist?

Ostrom also specifically mentioned in the article that Ivanka is a complete racist.

Ostrom once had a necklace with her name written in Arabic, and this small necklace soon aroused the dissatisfaction of Ivanka. Ostrom’s pro-Palestinian position in the Arab-Israeli conflict began to anger Ivanka.

During dinner, Ivanka stared at the necklace and asked provocatively, “What does your Jewish boyfriend think of your necklace? You do this like hitting him in the face! How can you wear this kind of thing? Wearing this thing is equivalent to shouting that you are terrorists!”

Although Ivanka’s words and deeds made Ostrom feel bad, the friendship between the two has lasted for more than a decade. However, after Ivanka’s wedding in 2009, the two completely collapsed.

When attending Ivanka’s wedding, Ostrom attended as a bridesmaid. At that time, she and Ivanka complained about her new job, but Ivanka was very cold and rude enough to say to Ostrom, “I don’t have time to pay attention to your bird things.”

Such a cold attitude hurt Ostrom very much. He confided his feelings as a friend, but he received such a reaction. In the end, Ostrom and Ivanka parted ways because of differences of view.

No one is perfect, and it is normal to have someone set up as a public figure. Ivanka’s private rudeness, despise of the poor and racist words and deeds revealed by her best friend are indeed different from the image of independent women in the new era she has always set for the public – elegant, calm, intelligent, decision-making power, and there is a certain extent. However, as a woman who is close to forty years old, Ivanka’s “black spots” are really not hot, and her best friend’s articles give people a feeling of overwhelming.

Where is Ivanka going?

Ostrom said that she wrote this article to show the real Ivanka, although she may be labeled as a hypocritical privileged elite who seeks to take advantage of first family relations.

Ostrom claims that Ivanka has shaped a more elegant and intelligent Trump brand in her career, integrating millennial feminism with business-minded “mythical narratives”, but that feeling disappears when she supports her father’s policy and judicial nominees.” I saw Ivanka destroy the image she had worked hard to build.

It can be seen that Ostrom is dissatisfied with Ivanka’s unconditional or even bottomless support for Trump’s policies, which may be the fundamental reason why she exposed the Ivanka scandal. Ostrom said that when Trump won the 2016 election, she believed that with Ivanka’s character, she would definitely stop Trump’s “most backward and racist tendencies” to her father, but the result made her very disappointed.

“My friends who grew up with Ivanka have talked countless times and talked about how shocked she did not publicly oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination or oppose any policies that were particularly offensive to her father,” Ostrom wrote.

At present, Ivanka and her spokesman have not responded to this.

It is not clear what Ivanka will do after Biden enters the White House next January. In 2018, she closed her own eponymous brand of clothing and footwear, citing a conflict of interest with her work in her father’s government. There is speculation that she may run for office. In a recent interview, Ivanka described herself as a “Trump-style Republican” and “a pragmatic in everything”.