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It’s difficult to make appointments for vaccine shortage in many parts of the United States. People: I feel in a maze without exits.

by YCPress

CNN reported January 21st that the supply of vaccines in many parts of the United States is currently in short supply, and some places even cancel the vaccination plans that have been scheduled.

Many state and local officials worry that the speed of existing vaccine supply may not be able to reverse the continuous deterioration of the epidemic.

CNN reported that there are enough facilities, staff and volunteers to vaccinated in Georgia, except for insufficient vaccines.

Georgia receives only 80,000 doses of vaccines a week, compared to 11 million people across the state, local public health chief said.

San Francisco Public Health announced that if no supplements are made, local vaccines will run out by the 21st.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said on the 20th that the vaccines in New York City ran out on the 21st.

New York Governor Cuomo said that the local vaccine will run out by the end of this week, and at the current supply rate, it will take seven and a half months to get enough vaccines to be vaccinated against suitable people.

A Florida medical center has canceled all first dose of vaccination appointments after 20 days due to insufficient vaccine supplies.

It is difficult to make an appointment for vaccination. People are in a maze without exits.

Due to the insufficient supply of vaccines, it is difficult to make vaccination appointments in the United States, and there is also embarrassing situation in many parts of the United States that “one the first injection but not the second injection can’t be arranged”, which makes many Americans feel anxious and panicked.

Local New Yorkers: Appointment sites have been in a state of collapse and we are constantly being “kicked out” after logging in.

New York Local: I called back 60 appointments at different times (only on appointment).

New York COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Line Service: Thank you for calling the New York State COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Hotline. Vaccination only accepts appointment services.

After countless callbacks to the appointment, New York resident Dukas finally made an appointment for the first dose of the coronavirus vaccination, but that day was three months later in mid-April, in another city that took six hours’ drive to reach.

Fortunately, many elderly people who meet the priority vaccination conditions have not made an appointment for weeks.

As news continues to come out that the vaccine is about to be “disinacivated”, the opportunities for vaccination seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer.

New York Local: I feel like I’m in a maze without an exit. I’ve been making phone calls for weeks, but I never get through.

The U.S. coronavirus vaccine needs to be vaccinated in two doses, three to four weeks apart.

According to a recent study in the journal Science, delay or non-vaccination of the second dose of vaccine will reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine.

In Florida, 45,000 people have missed the date of the second dose of COVID-19 vaccination.

Many people said that they were anxious to see that their second dose of vaccination was approaching, but they had never received the due vaccination notice.

Florida Locals: I’m about to get a second dose of vaccine on January 28th, but they haven’t contacted me so far.

FLORIDA Locals: We were very, very anxious, I didn’t get an inoculation notification, they didn’t contact me.

Florida Locals: Information (on vaccination) has been confusing, and I don’t believe that this work is going on in an orderly manner.

Regarding the problem of vaccination in the United States, American public health experts and the media criticized the lack of effective organization of the federal government, and the state government is as anxious but helpless as a “headless fly”.

Their only response and advice to the public is to make appointments over and over again, and don’t give up.