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It's been almost 20 years, and he finally apologized to the two queens! However...

It’s been almost 20 years, and he finally apologized to the two queens! However…

by YCPress

Nearly 20 years later, Justin Timberlake, owner of Jia, finally apologized to the two queens recently:

“I am deeply sorry for the problems, the wrong words or the failure to speak correctly caused by the behavior at that time… I especially want to apologize to Britney and Janet Jackson alone because I care about and respect these women, but I also know that I failed.”

Things have to start with Framing Britney Spears, the documentary that caused a great global sensation a year ago…

This documentary produced by The New York Times combs Britney Spears from once dazzling idol to today’s situation through news materials and interviews with her personal assistants, lawyers and related people:

The truth that caused a sensation in the United States: What kind of inhuman torture did the sexy queen Xiao Tiantian encounter??

After the documentary came out, it continued to ferment, with fans supporting it, and many front-line celebrities strongly supported it. It is also this documentary that pushes Britney Spears back to the public eye.

And Spears’ road from fame to collapse, in addition to controlling her father from finance to freedom, there is also an inescapable person, her first love, Boss Jia” Justin Timberlake.

Like Britney Spears, Boss Jia is also a child star.

In 1999, two 18-year-olds began dating, sweet envious of others.

Mr. Jia, who had curly hair, was still a good little fresh meat. As soon as his relationship with Britney Spears became the gold boy and jade girl who had attracted much attention at that time, and was known as the best couple in the music world at that time.

However, in 2002, after three years of dating, Boss Jia was still in an interview hinting that “Britney Spears did something bad”.

In the same year, Boss Jia also released the single “Cry Me a River”, which promoted the selling point of “breaking the heart by a woman”, and the actress in the MV also looked and looked like Britney Spears. It implies that Britney split first.

At that time, many people speculated that the reason why the two broke up was that the woman cheated, which caused a great uproar for a while, which made the image of Britney Spears at the peak at that time.

Moreover, Boss Jia exposed their private affairs in many interviews and took advantage of Britney Spears hype, which caused great harm to Britneys:

Spears broke up because of her feelings, she lost control of her emotions and couldn’t extricate herself. She began to linger in nightclubs, and negative news continued, because a relationship encountered Waterloo in life.

Among the singers influenced by Boss Jia, in addition to Britney Spears, there is Janet Jackson, another heroine of his apology letter.

As Michael Jackson’s own sister, Janet was also one of the queens who was as famous as Madonna and other superstars, but just because of her stage cooperation with Boss Jia once, she had a very bad impact on her acting career:

In the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, Janet Jackson was torn off her right chest while he was singing with Boss Jia at the last minute, causing her to have a few seconds of upper body naked…

Then the producers of the program clarified that the action of tearing the clothes was not planned, and Boss Jia explained it: “I was so excited at that time.”

This picture caused a global uproar. Janet Jackson was controversial, and her acting career was tragically affected by Waterloo…

And this incident does not seem to have a big impact on Boss Jia. In 2018, he was even invited to be a Super Bowl performer again.

It’s almost twenty years since the events between Britney Spears and Janet and Boss Jia.

Now, a documentary has pushed Boss Jia and these things to the forefront of public opinion again, and has also waited for Boss Jia to apologize so late.

However, it is unknown whether Boss Jia’s apology is a real awakening or a kind of excuse he has to…

Boss Jia is late, but it’s better than nothing.

Having just watched Boss Jia’s “apology”, I can’t believe that he can say that he can’t keep silent again after 20 years of silence.