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It's a stormy day, and at least 10 big things have happened in the world!

It’s a stormy day, and at least 10 big things have happened in the world!

by YCPress

April 16, a very ordinary day. But if you take it carefully, it’s another stormy day. For China, for the United States, for Russia, for Japan, yes!

A series of events, at a breathless pace, are taking place, some of which have far-reaching implications.

The struggle is heating up.

Completely personal, at least 10 big things, many of which are also related to China.

Incident I, the United States comprehensive sanctions against Russia.

It’s tough enough.

Biden and Putin had just spoken two days earlier, and two days later the U.S. was on the move. Russia remains America’s enemy.

Among them are financial sanctions. The U.S. Treasury Department ordered a ban on U.S. financial institutions buying Russian ruble bonds directly from June 14. In a way, it’s a financial hang.

There are also direct sanctions against six Russian technology companies for cyberattacks by Russian intelligence services, 32 entities and individuals for meddling in the U.S. presidential election, and eight entities and individuals for crimea.

Also, the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats in Washington. The expulsion of diplomats is the fiercest diplomatic battle.

Given the situation on the Ukrainian border, more sanctions are on the way once Russia does exchange fire with Ukraine.

Incident two, the little brother also took the russian attack.

The United States hit hard, and the little brother immediately followed.

A few hours later, Poland summoned the Russian ambassador to inform him that three Russian diplomats were classified as “undesirable”. The Polish statement also made clear its support for U.S. action against Russia.

Poland is a weather vane.

It also means that more Russian diplomats in the West are ready for what would be a massive expulsion war.

Incident 3, Russia fought back.

How can Russia swallow this bad breath?

On the 15th, the Russian Foreign Ministry also summoned the U.S. ambassador, a head-scratching face-to-face scolding.

“Aggressive behavior like this will obviously be strongly responded to, and a response to sanctions will be inevitable,” said Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. The United States should realize that it will be forced to pay the price for the deterioration of relations between the two sides. ”

The country has dignity, diplomacy is requisitioned, and Russia must be counterproductive.

It also means that there will be a lot of American and Polish diplomats expelled by Russia, and you all hurry up and pack your bags.

Incident IV, China summoned the Japanese ambassador to China.

Japan’s ambassador abroad has had a headache recently.

On the 13th, Japan’s ambassador to South Korea, Yoshihiko Sakayo, who only arrived in February this year, was summoned to the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and scolded for a dog’s blood spray.

On the 15th, it was Japan’s turn to ambassador to China, Yu Xiufu. Wu Jianghao, assistant foreign minister of China, came forward to make serious representations on Japan’s proposed discharge of nuclear waste water.

Wu Jianghao is also polite, very stern words:

Japan’s decision to ignore the global marine environment, disregard international public health security and the vital security interests of the people of neighboring countries, suspected of violating international law and international rules, is not the work of modern civilized countries. China expresses its strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to this.

Japan, you are not the work of a modern country.

Incident 5, China’s Ministry of Commerce said.

It must be said that the Ministry of Commerce, because there is a word, the connotation is quite rich.

Ministry of Commerce spokesman Peak 15 is said:

The Ministry of Commerce will closely follow developments and carefully assess the serious threats that (Japan’s decision) may pose to the safety and trade of related food and agro-aquatic products and to the safety of Chinese consumers.

You know what that means. But it doesn’t.

The safety of Chinese consumers must be guaranteed, and we must carefully assess the impact of this emission on Japanese food and agricultural products and aquatic products.

Don’t forget that many supermarkets in South Korea have signs that say “Stop selling Nissan seafood”.

Event 6, Kerry is in Shanghai.

Kerry arrived in Shanghai late on the 14th, the official event began on the 15th.

He used to be Obama’s secretary of state, but now he’s Biden’s special envoy on climate. It was also the highest-ranking U.S. official sent to China since Biden took office.

Why are you here now?

The reason is simple. Don’t look at the U.S. crackdown on China, or even Kerry’s visit to Taipei, where a so-called “unofficial delegation” went, but the U.S. should also realize that there are things that must also be done to work with China, especially on issues related to humanity, such as climate change.

Given that the U.S. is hosting a climate summit on April 22nd, some big countries have yet to make a clear statement, including China, and the U.S. has a sense of anxiety.

Event 7, China-France-Germany Climate Summit.

Diplomacy is an art, just as Kerry is busy in Shanghai, China suddenly announced on the 15th, at the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron, April 16, China, France and Germany held a leaders’ climate video summit.

It’s interesting at some point in time, the summit is more interesting.

China, France and Germany meet before the U.S. hosts a climate summit. Considering the current situation of international struggle, this is a great deal for God.

It’s a climate video summit, it’s actually a China-France-Germany summit.

Incident 8, Kan Yiwei went to Washington.

On the 15th, Kan Yiwei left for the United States. His mood should be mixed.

Happily, he was the first foreign leader to meet with Biden, and Americans have given their face and shown a special importance to U.S.-Japan relations.

The headache is that the United States will certainly make various demands, one of which, according to media reports, the United States would like to make a joint statement at that time to mention the security of the Taiwan Strait. The meaning is also very clear, the United States and Japan to jointly intervene in the Taiwan Strait issue.

What’s more, the last time the U.S.-Japan summit mentioned Taiwan was in 1969, before the U.S.-Japan diplomatic relationship with China. Fifty years from now, if so, can China not rebound strongly?

Japan must weigh the consequences. Japan is said to be clearly divided and divided in the face of various U.S. urgings.

Event 9, Wen is going to the United States.

Look, the South Korean side has not yet made a statement, the United States preemptively announced: next month, South Korean President Moon In-joon visit to Washington.

He will be the second foreign leader to visit the United States, after Mr Kan.

Biden gave Kan yiwei for the first time, Wen Yuwei for the second time, and U.S. Secretary of State John Blinken and Defense Secretary Austin for the first time to Japan and the second to South Korea.

You know, these first and second times before, are Britain, Canada and other Western countries.

The situation has changed, needless to say, and this is obviously for China to see. Without China, Kan Yiwei and Wen Yu, you don’t have this kind of treatment.

The struggle is very intense.

Wen is also estimated to have a headache. Yesterday saw an analysis of South Korea’s diplomacy article, the United States now let South Korea is very difficult, the reason is very simple, the United States you walk away sooner or later, but China is a thousand years will not change neighbors.

Incident 10, the Hong Kong police began to walk.

It’s really emotional to see.

On April 15, China’s National Security Day, Hong Kong’s five disciplined forces raised their flags. It has been noted that for the first time, the Hong Kong police are no longer leg-raising British footwork, but neat and competent Chinese footwork.

With the training of officers of the PLA Garrison in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong police have now learned to walk in unison and step by step.

Flag-bearers carry the five-star red flag, the Hong Kong District Flag and the Hong Kong Police Force flag on their shoulders, walk in front of the ranks, while the custom of British flag-raising ceremonies is for flag-bearers to enter with their flags in their hands.

There is also a bright slogan,“Hong Kong police, loyal to protect the national security, yongy to protect the family!”

The so-called original Qingyuan, the Hong Kong police have finally taken a crucial step.

I have always felt that Hong Kong must and must have a high degree of autonomy, which is determined by the Basic Law. But the book is the same text, the car is on the same track, in the issue of national unity, the form must be consistent, the abandonment must be abandoned.

The textbooks of colonial color must be changed; Chinese will have to be like a Chinese, and even, do not rule out that one day, Hong Kong, like the mainland, will switch to a right-hand vehicle. This is certainly a big positive for Hong Kong.

It must also be said that after the toss-ups of the past few years, the Central People’s Government has also made up its mind and made up its mind to reverse the situation in Hong Kong by means of thunder and lightning. Things that used to be tried but didn’t work out are now solved.

This is the strategy of the struggle.

Such a Hong Kong is the hong Kong that really Chinese. A small step for the Hong Kong police is a big step for Hong Kong.

On April 15th, a stormy day, there was a simple list of 10 big things, but it was much more than that. In the United States, ethnic unrest continues; in the Middle East, Iran and Israel are at war; on the Ukrainian border, the army is facing off, and war seems imminent…

But it has to be said that many of the major events affecting the world have to do with China, even though many times China is entirely a lying gun. Wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy. A man with a hammer in his hand looks like a nail.

Keep calm!

We still have to calm down, the more angry the time, the more calm.

The world is complex, and the West is not a piece of iron. Abuse and intimidation are by no means a battle. You can take it together, I can still cross. Making fewer enemies and making more friends is also testing China’s wisdom and strategy.

The great drama of 2021 kicks off this spring. The play must start with the prologue, but the prologue is not the climax yet.