Home LifestyleHealth Italy updates immigration rules Di Hall will hold a gathering of 2,000 people to test
Italy updates immigration rules Di Hall will hold a gathering of 2,000 people to test

Italy updates immigration rules Di Hall will hold a gathering of 2,000 people to test

by YCPress

May 19 2021 Italy’s Deputy Health Minister Sileri said Thursday that the current outbreak in Europe has been largely under control, but that does not mean that care is no longer needed, as new infections are likely to increase again, especially among young people.

It is reported that 21 per cent of intensive care units and general wards are still occupied in Italy, a figure that continues to decline and that the outbreak may end sooner than expected, thanks to the coronavirus vaccine programme.

According to the latest epidemic prevention decree signed by Italian Health Minister Speranza, from May 16 to July 31, passengers from the 27 member states of the European Union, as well as the United Kingdom, Israel and other places, will no longer be subject to quarantine measures. However, passengers must undergo nucleic acid testing and test negatively 48 hours before arriving in Italy.

The Serie A club Won The Title EarlY On May 2nd, With Some 30,000 Fans Revelling In The Centre Of Milan without MaskS. Half a month after the incident, the health department reported that the outbreak data showed no significant increase in confirmed cases in Milan. Lombardy’s president, Fontana, has said he is upset by fan revelry and hopes there will be no consequences.

The former president of the Italian Epidemiology Society, epidemiologist Sisraj, said the Inter Milan fan revelry had become an “impromptu scientific experiment” that proved that transmission was not only related to droplets, but could be more aerosols suspended in the environment. Therefore, in the case of air circulation, the virus is not easy to spread and infect.

The Italian Association of Dance and Performing Entertainment Enterprises recently launched a coronavirus cluster infection test, which is scheduled to take place on June 5th in Milan and Puglia, where 2,000 volunteers will enter the diocese to test the impact of reopening the diocese on the outbreak.

The experiment was conducted in two locations to test the situation of 2,000 people outdoors and indoors.

All volunteers are required to test negative for the coronavirus, or for vaccinated customers, the bar in Dee Hall will provide a normal diet, and customers will be able to eat and drink normally.

Maurizio Pasca, the Italian association of dance and performing entertainment companies, said more than 2,800 dioceses in Italy had been closed since February 23, 2020, and 2,000 people had entered the disco to test the large-scale opening, safety in the Di hall environment and prepare for a full reopening.