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Italy Pandemic is now turning point and Ministry of Health will submit a vaccine plan to Congress

Italy Pandemic is now turning point and Ministry of Health will submit a vaccine plan to Congress

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Italy Pandemic

Italy Pandemic November 26 According to the European Union News Agency quoted by the European Network, the epidemic report of the Italian Ministry of Emergency Civil Defense on the 25th showed that as of 18:00 on the 25th, the total number of confirmed cases nationwide had increased to 1,48,874, of which 52,028 were dead. The Italian National Health Institute said that the second wave of the epidemic finally reached an inflection point after 140 days of growth.

According to the latest epidemic monitoring data released by the Italian National Health Institute from November 18 to 24, the cumulative number of confirmed cases increased by 216,966 in the latest testing week, down 10.6% from 242,620 in the previous testing week. For the first 140 days, that is, the first time in 20 monitoring weeks, the number of new cases has dropped significantly.

The monitoring report pointed out that in the latest epidemic monitoring week, except for some areas, there was still a slight increase in the number of new confirmed cases, and the number of new cases in most parts of Italy generally showed a downward trend. The relatively severe epidemic in Campania, Piedmont, Tuscany and Lombardy has seen the largest decline in the number of new cases.

Miozzo, deputy minister of emergency civil defense and coordinator of the National Scientific Committee of Italy, said that although the number of new cases has dropped significantly, the number of new deaths continues to rise, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is still not optimistic. In the future, we still need to respect the opinions and be cautious about the relaxation and banning of epidemic prevention and control measures.

Italy’s health minister Speranza said that given that the current curve of virus transmission is continuing to decline, the government will reconsider opening business activities and schools at an appropriate time in accordance with the downward trend of the epidemic.

Speranza stressed that the Ministry of Health will officially submit a vaccination plan for the coronavirus vaccine to Congress on December 2. Once the State Drug Administration confirms the effectiveness and safety of the government’s procurement of COVID-19 vaccine, it can start vaccination work immediately. Medical workers, the elderly and healthy and vulnerable groups, and staff who are often exposed to a densely populated environment, can apply for vaccination as a priority.

Speranza noted that the first batch of 3.4 million doses of Pfizer vaccine purchased by the government is expected to deliver 1.7 million doses in early January 2020. According to the report, the transportation of Pfizer vaccine will be coordinated by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and the national health department will set up more than 300 transportation sites and vaccine storage sites across the country.

According to the report, according to the study and decision of the government cabinet meeting, the procurement, marketing and management of the use of the coronavirus vaccine will be coordinated by the government and implemented in accordance with the plan approved by Congress. No unit or individual is allowed to engage in the marketing of the novel coronavirus vaccine and related vaccination activities without the authorization of the government.

According to a recent poll released by the Ipsos Market Research Institute, about 16% of Italians said that they would not be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus until the end of 2021; about 42% want to know the efficacy and safety of the vaccine before considering whether to vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

Reza, director of the Italian Ministry of Health’s epidemic prevention department, pointed out that the total population of Italy is currently more than 60 million, and the number of people who volunteer to receive the coronavirus vaccine can only achieve the effect of herd immunity if it reaches 36 million to 42 million. According to the current public’s awareness and trust in the coronavirus vaccine, it may not be easy to achieve the minimum number of vaccinations to achieve herd immunity, and the probability of achieving voluntary vaccination for all is almost zero.