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Italy gives priority to vaccinating medical staff and so on. The police began to vaccind against counterfeiting.

Italy gives priority to vaccinating medical staff and so on. The police began to vaccind against counterfeiting.

On November 25th local time, the Italian ski resort of Madonna, Campiglio, changed the scene of previous years.

December 25 According to a report quoted by the European Union News Agency, on the 24th local time, Acuri, director of the Italian National Coronavirus Emergency Response Committee, said that according to the vaccination plan drawn up by the government, it is expected to complete the target of 42 million coronavirus vaccination by the end of the summer of 2021 to achieve And reach the minimum threshold of herd immunity.

According to Akuli, 9750 of the first 450,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine will begin on December 27, 2020.

At present, 300 vaccination and publicity sites have been arranged in the regions and autonomous provinces.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the ski resort is currently in lockdown.

He pointed out that when the coronavirus vaccine arrives in Italy, priority will be given to vaccination against medical staff, medical workers, elderly and staff in nursing homes, social workers exposed to dangerous working environments, and elderly and healthy vulnerable groups.

Next, with the arrival of a large number of vaccines, the government will expand the vaccination site to provide the most convenient community vaccination for the people.

With the upcoming launch of the coronavirus vaccine in Europe, EU member states have formulated vaccination plans and priority vaccination groups. This has attracted a large number of illegal merchants who sell vaccines on the dark web.

Some vendors even promise to ensure customer satisfaction, vaccines can be delivered to customer-designated locations within three to four days, and there are strong low temperature guarantee transportation measures.

Italian police investigation found that there are as many as 80 quotations for coronavirus vaccines on the dark web, ranging from 300 to 1,000 euros, all in the form of Bitcoin.

In response, the Italian Drug Administration pointed out that the Italian government’s coronavirus vaccination plan stipulates that all people living in Italy will be vaccinated free of charge.

And prohibit unauthorized trafficking, reselling and providing vaccination services by any institution or individual.

The Italian Drug Administration said that Italy will soon launch universal vaccination, calling on people not to obtain vaccines through the black market or other means.

Vaccines obtained from informal channels not only fail to guarantee quality, but also are likely to cause health hazards.

Italian police said that after preliminary investigation, there was no legal purchase channel for the coronavirus vaccine sold on the dark web and the black market.

So far, the police departments of EU member states have not received any cases of vaccine theft.

At present, the Italian police have taken unified action with the EU police department and have closed 453 websites that illegally sell counterfeit drugs and websites that sell fake coronavirus vaccines.

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