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Italian Social Security Agency has a deficit of 28 billion euros

by YCPress

Italian Social Security Agency has a deficit of 28 billion euros, and the Minister of Health is calling for attention to epidemic prevention

November 16th. According to Euronet, the Italian National Social Security Agency said recently that after the second wave of relief funds for the Coronavirus pandemic, the cumulative deficit has reached 28 billion euros. 

On the other hand, in response to the question of whether Italy can spend a normal Christmas and New Year under the epidemic, the Minister of Health said that public opinion should pay more attention to how to fight and overcome the epidemic and call on the public to do a good job in epidemic prevention.

According to reports, the health department of the Piedmont region of Italy said on the 15th that in the past 24 hours, there were 3682 new confirmed cases and 45 new deaths. As of 18:00 on the 15th local time, a total of 125,465 confirmed cases have been diagnosed, including 5046 deaths, 71229 existing cases, and 49,190 cured cases. At present, of the 370 intensive care beds in the regional medical system, 360 have been occupied by patients, and the intensive care beds are in full emergency.

Data map: On November 11, local time, in Venice, Italy, an Italian nursing home set up a “hug room” to facilitate the elderly to meet their relatives under the premise of epidemic prevention measures.

The Italian Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, pointed out that according to the data from the epidemic report, the number of new deaths in a single day across the country is still hovering between 500 and 600. It seems too early to talk about spending a normal Christmas at this time.

Speranza emphasized that what we should talk about now is how to give doctors and nurses more breathing space and maintain the normal operation of the national health system to ensure that every patient can receive timely and effective treatment.

Speranza said that in the face of such a severe epidemic, it is obviously not appropriate to discuss how to relax the epidemic prevention measures and how to have Christmas dinner with relatives and friends. We should bear in mind the heavy price paid in lifting the summer tourism ban, and put the first priority on how to prevent the virus from spreading further, and minimize the number of deaths of patients.

According to another report, the Italian National Social Security Agency (INPS) recently submitted a report to the Ministry of Finance showing that, according to government instructions, the National Social Security Agency had a cumulative deficit of 28 billion euros after issuing the second wave of relief funds for Coronavirus pandemic. Currently, the national social security payment system has already experienced financial pressure.

The Italian National Social Security Agency announced on the 15th that in the payment of the second wave of social assistance payments for Coronavirus pandemic, the Social Security Agency added a fiscal deficit of 2 billion euros. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance, the relief funds for the fight against Coronavirus pandemic will be borne by the state finances and will be included in the special relief funds for natural disasters, and will not affect the public’s social welfare payments. The National Social Security Administration will pay social welfare security for retirees and all citizens on time.