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Italian Prime Minister's dry cough attracts public attention. Prime Minister's Office: the test is negative

Italian Prime Minister’s dry cough attracts public attention. Prime Minister’s Office: the test is negative

by YCPress

, November 25 According to a report quoted by the European Union News Agency by the European Network, the Italian Ministry of Civil Defense reported 23,232 new confirmed cases on the 24th.

Another 853 new deaths were another record high since the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic in Italy. In addition, during an interview on the 23rd, Italian Prime Minister Conte appeared suspected of contracting the novel coronavirus, such as dry cough, which aroused the concern and concern of all sectors of society about the Prime Minister’s health.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office said on the evening of the 24th that Conte’s COVID-19 test results were negative.

According to reports, as of 18:00 local time on the 24th, there were a total of 145,5,522 confirmed cases in Italy, including 51,306 deaths, 798,386 existing cases, 34,577 ordinary inpatients, 3816 severe cases, and 60530 cured patients.

On the 24th local time, Italian Prime Minister Conte said that with the gradual slowdown of the COVID-19 epidemic, if the epidemic does not repeat itself by the end of November and maintains a downward trend, the government will do it appropriately on the issue of epidemic prevention restrictions and curfew time in the latest epidemic prevention decree to be issued in early December. Adjust and relax some epidemic prevention restrictions.

Speaking of the coronavirus vaccine, Conte said that the coronavirus vaccine is expected to be launched in the near future. The vaccine will first be provided to workers on the front line of epidemic prevention, vulnerable and healthy groups and workers who are often exposed to crowded environments. The government has called on and recommended that all people take the initiative and voluntarily to vaccinate against the novel coronavirus, but never adopt a mandatory vaccination policy.

On the other hand, Gruber, the host of Italian La7 TV, revealed to the audience that Conte seemed slightly tired when he was interviewed on November 23, with a little pale face, a different voice from usual and a little hoarse voice. Especially before speaking, he made a few dry coughs from time to time. The spread of the news aroused public concern about Conte’s health, and some netizens questioned Conte’s suspected symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

A spokesman for the Italian Prime Minister’s Office said on the evening of the 24th that in response to public concerns about Conte’s health, as a preventive measure, Conte immediately tested for nucleic acid after an interview with reporters, and the test results showed that he was negative for the novel coronavirus.

The spokesman pointed out that every year when Conte enters the dry winter season, his throat always suffers from discomfort and dry cough for a few days. There is no other abnormality in the body. The symptoms will naturally improve after a few days after adapting to the changes of the season. As for the fatigue shown by Conte, it is related to his continuous long work in recent days. In addition, Conte will attend the EU leaders’ summit in Spain on the 25th as scheduled.