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Italian Prime Minister Conte officially resigned

Italian Prime Minister Conte officially resigned

by YCPress

January 26 According to AFP, Russian Satellite News Agency and other media reports on the 26th, the Italian presidential palace confirmed that Italian Prime Minister Conte submitted his resignation and officially resigned.

President Matarella will begin consultations with Italian political parties to resolve the government crisis.

According to the report, after Conte resigns, the task of forming a stronger government will be entrusted to other senior Italian officials, and new elections will be held.

Previously, Italian media analysis believed that Conte could regain Matarella’s appointment, and then he would reorganize the government to seek more party support to reach an absolute majority in Parliament.

According to Reuters, Conte has maintained a high support rate of more than 50% since Italy imposed a nationwide lockdown under the COVID-19 epidemic.

On January 13, Renzi, the leader of the Italian Vital Party, announced the withdrawal of its members from the coalition government because he opposed Conte’s draft recovery plan budget, putting the current Italian government in a crisis of restructuring or holding early general elections.

Although the Conte government has won the vote of confidence in both houses of Congress and the House of Representatives, there is still a lack of overwhelming majority support in the Senate, and the implementation of the decree will be hindered.

As originally planned, the Senate will vote on a bill proposed by the Conte government on the 27th, and the result is likely to be against it.